Bhima Jewelers’ Advert get attention for right reasons

For the right reasons, advertisements for jewelry brands have caused an uproar on the Internet. In their latest campaign, Kerala-based Bhima Jewelers decided to love purity to capture and celebrate the journey of trans women.

This forty-two-second video begins with a video in which the protagonist claims to be a woman. As time passed, the audience accompanied this woman during her transition period, and we saw her become stronger physically and emotionally. Milestones along the way are marked with jewelry, donation and sharing.

The advertisement started with a pair of bracelets given to her by her father, and the last shot showed that a woman was a South Indian bride laughing with him. On the Internet for legitimate reasons 5. For all legitimate reasons, the advertising of jewelry brands caused a sensation on the Internet. Kerala-based Bhima Jewelers captured and celebrated the journey of a transgender woman in her latest campaign “Pure Like Love”.

One minute, forty-two seconds of the video begins with a video in which the protagonist claims to be a woman.As time passed, the public accompanied her with this woman, and we saw her growing physically and emotionally. The milestone along the way was the donated jewelry and shared it with her supporting family. He received a bracelet from his father, and in the last shot, a woman was shown as a South Indian bride and laughed with him.

The video was highly praised on social media for violating gender stereotypes. The brand was also recognized for violating gender stereotypes and casts. Transgender women play the protagonist.

Mira Singhaniya Rehani, a 22-year-old student from Ambedkar University in Delhi, starred. The announcement was made by the Department of Animals in Delhi. In response to the Instagram clip, Dr. Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju, one of the earliest transgender doctors in Karnataka: “Great, beautiful advertisement.

Actress Shriya Pilgaonkar praised the team for producing such a beautiful advertisement and wrote: “This is great. Congratulations to the team. “” Bhima will have its 100th birthday in 4 years. We believe that as a brand with such a reputation, we hope to use our own voice to deal with important things today. This ad is special because it takes us through a transgender journey, but it focuses on the good side.

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