Four Astronauts aboard SpaceX docks at ISS

NASA said in a statement that four astronauts took SpaceX Crew Dragon-2 to the International Space Station for six months. The spacecraft named by the Endeavour team docked at the space station at 5:10 am. It took off from the launch site 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 5:49:02 EST on Friday.

There are four astronauts on board-NASA astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Megan MacArthur, who will command the spacecraft. The pilots are astronaut Akihiko-Hoshidea from JAXA (Japan Aerospace Agency) and Thomas-Peske from ESA (European Space Agency), who will serve as mission experts for the space station. And the pressurized coupling adapter at 7:05 am.According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, EDT subsequently opened a hatch in Crew Dragon. “Efforts come!” Welcome to the Crew 2 space station! Your arrival means that there are now 11 people in our orbital laboratory, which is the situation since the advent of the space shuttle. NASA said on Saturday that hugs abound.

Team members: NASA’s Shannon Walker, Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover and Mark Vande Hey, JAXA’s Soichi Noguchi and Roscosmos’s astronauts Oleg Novitsky and Peter Dubrov. At the same time, according to “” reports, Crew 2 waited briefly for space junk and accidentally passed by their Endeavor capsule. According to the report, this happened at 1:43 pm Eastern Time (1743 GMT), which is why the four astronauts on Crew 2 were preparing to go to bed after a long day.

The report quoted the report as saying: “As far as consciousness is concerned, we have identified a possible late crack connection, and the distance to the kite crack is quite close.” SpaceX’s Sarah Gilles made an appointment before the connection on Friday. Tell the astronaut in 20 minutes. Put on the suit immediately and fix it on the seat. Giles said: “Gills asked astronauts to return to their suits and seats to ensure safety in the event of an impact. But there was no impact.” Long, SpaceX, we did not pass the TCA.

The report said that the distance and composition of the sunken ship is currently unclear. The Crew 2 mission is part of the six-month manned plan and on-board maintenance that NASA and SpaceX will conduct. It is the second of six manned missions according to National Aviation According to the Space Agency (IANS), it will return before October 31.

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