Sutapa Sikdar cried uncontrollably last month for 6-7 days

Writer Sutapa Sikdar, wife of the late actor Irfan Khan, said she “tried to be too strong” after his death. After two years of fighting with neuroendocrine tumors, the actor passed away on April 29 last year.

In an interview, she “embarrassed” to show people how she felt, but she didn’t cry much, but last month, she went to Jaipur to attend a wedding and cried for days without interruption. Sutapa said to the main daily planner: “I think I want to be too strong, you know. I pretend to be too strong and take on family responsibilities, responsibilities and everything else. It’s too early, too strong. . My wisdom has played a role…”. Before my mood dropped. Your thoughts always control your emotions.

I don’t talk to people (on these topics) because I feel embarrassed to cry in front of people.This may be why I did not cry as much as I could. I do not know. Everything can be buried inside. “Last month, Sutapa from Mumbai came to Jaipur for a family wedding.” When I went there, I just cried and cried. I cried out of control for several days…seven or eight days. I cried 24/7. I don’t know why… First of all, I don’t think my children are with me. I stay alone and I don’t have to be strong.

Secondly, I don’t know what happened, maybe in this place, he was there because it was Rajasthan. I think he still has this kind of connection with him, which is strange, you know, I have signs that he is very close. When he died, she issued a statement. On behalf of his family, said: “How can I write a family declaration when the whole world sees it as a personal loss?

How can I feel lonely when thousands of people mourn with us?” She continued, death Not a loss, but a gain. “This is the result of what it taught us, and now we finally start to implement it and really develop it.”

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