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Virtual Reality (VR): What is it and how is it growing

Virtual reality (VR) has grown significantly in 2019. This technology can change the way we live, communicate and work. VR is a completely immersive computing world that provides a real-world view of innovations such as Ready Player One.

In addition, the advancement of virtual reality technology is impressive. In 2016, more than 85% of virtual reality headsets sold worldwide were mobile devices. The most popular mobile virtual reality headsets are Google Daydream and Samsung’s Gear VR VR technology, which have been widely recognized after being adopted more and more.

In this regard, some players have emerged in the market, trying to promote virtual reality technology for mass adoption. The introduction of commercial virtual reality headsets will accelerate market growth, and the investment of technology giants such as Google should make breakthroughs in display technology. The only technology that aims to create an alternative world can create reality.

VR is one of the most exciting technologies of the future. It uses headsets that can simulate 360 ​​degrees.In addition, the upcoming trends in virtual reality may change the dynamics of the business. They rarely show up here and there. For example, the functions available on Instagram and Snapchat are a combination of AI and VR.

In 2016, more than 89 million virtual reality headsets were sold worldwide, 98% of which were mobile devices. In addition, due to the relatively low price of headsets, Google Cardboard occupies most of the market. We have already seen that virtual reality will have a huge impact on our daily lives in the future. The development of virtual reality may be faster.

Today’s virtual reality provides what consumers are looking for and can play a key role in future learning and development. In addition, through virtual simulation, people now only need to spend a small part of the cost to get a real experience. However, the development of virtual reality has not yet been completed, and we still have high hopes for the future of virtual reality.

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