Anglo-Indian: Slowly fading in Indian History?

What do actor Sir Ben Kingsley, pop singer Engelbert Humperdinck and former British cricket team captain Nasser Hussein have in common? In addition to being among the best in their respective fields, they share common traditions. If you don’t know the Indian community, it’s just because of its existence.

The Anglo Indian community led to the integration of mainstream Western and Eastern forces in India in the early 19th century. As a result of the intermarriage between British officials and employees of railways and tea plantations, and indigenous Indians, the Indian Anglo Indian community developed. Spread jazz in his new home.

Traditionally, they entered the national administrative department and held administrative positions in the railway department (there are also spare quotas). This became a phenomenon in colonies where the migration between British Indians was increasing. Over the years, beginning with the construction of the Suez Canal, British women began to regard India as their homeland, so they merged together.

Marriages are becoming rarer, so the British-Indian community considers fewer and fewer rooms. When the British finally left in 1947, they left behind a mixed heritage of about 300,000. In the absence of identification with the British or Indians, nor the constant criticism of the British from the two countries, the British-Indian community remained stagnant.

However, the Anglo-Indian community has produced a more positive paradox effect. With the opening of India’s economy and the invasion of multinational companies, her ability to speak only English has been helped, and through the establishment of an international online marriage portal in Kerala, the needs of English-speaking people have been supported.

Young Anglo-Indians around the world are made possible. Just like the efforts made by the Parsi community to protect their heritage, people in this diaspora marry all over the world. Estimated to be 125,000, mainly living in Kolkata and Madras. Both the jazz and Anglo-Indian communities merged into the mainstream and lost their identities. And whether it will rebirth or disappear is still unknown.

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