US becomes the largest supplier of Covid-19 vaccines

The Covid-19 vaccine shipped from Pfizer Inc. to Mexico this week contains vaccines produced at its US plant. A source familiar with the reason said that this is the first time that injections are expected to continue to be exported from the United States.

The source said that the vaccine was produced at Pfizer’s plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan, which marked the first time that a pharmaceutical manufacturer shipped overseas from a US plant after Trump’s export restrictions expired in late March. In recent weeks, there has been an urgent need to provide vaccine surpluses to other countries that are in urgent need of vaccines, and at the same time, the work of vaccinating their residents has been rapidly developing.

Many countries where the virus is still booming are struggling to find a vaccine to contain the pandemic. Obtained Covid-19 injections from Pfizer and Moderna. Due to its extremely high efficacy and for safety and production considerations, the Ines vaccines of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson have been temporarily postponed. To date, Pfizer has shipped more than 10 million doses to Mexico, making it the largest supplier of Covid-19 vaccines. Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech SE supply international cans of its most important European products.

The Mexican Ministry of Health announced that it will accept 2 million doses of Pfizer this week. Since Wednesday, he has received more than one million doses of the drug from Belgium and is expected to receive another one million doses this week. You are originally from Michigan. According to sources, Pfizer will use additional overseas injection capacity at its US plant while fulfilling its delivery commitments in the US. The manufacturer will also provide medicines from Belgium.

By the middle of the 2021, the U.S. will have millions of injections per week, which exceeds the number required by its pledge to provide the United States with 300 million doses by the end of July. The company expects to produce up to 2.5 billion doses of vaccine by 2021, and has reached an agreement to ship more than 1 billion doses of vaccine to governments around the world.

Pfizer signed an agreement with the White House last year banning the transportation of cans made in the United States. According to sources, it will be transferred to other countries before March 31. American officials refused to disclose his name because he was not allowed to speak in the press.

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