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BTS have four out of five in this week’s World Albums Chart

It is not uncommon for BTS to rank first on the Billboard World Albums table in any given week. In fact, it would be weird if anyone other than the South Korean band topped the list of the world’s best-selling publications. And this genre descriptor is quite vague at the moment.

When a seven-person vocal group not only claims to be number one, but also holds the highest share of the list, it is still impressive. The band proved once again this week that they can sell their records as the few remaining people in the music industry, and because of their success, they are among the best in records. The name of BTS appeared in four of the five best albums in the world this week. This allows them to control 80% of the top spot on the list.

The second stage is the latest BTS album Be. In most cases, the title dominates the show, but it is now replaced by No.1 Map of the Soul :7. In the top 5 of the world album charts this week, the only non-BTS publisher is Blackpink, which ranks #.3. Complete the first three items that are completely static.

The BTS song “Love Yourself: Answer” returned to the top five of the “World Albums” chart, this time giving the seven-a-side artist incredible control over the charts. The former leader jumped from No. 7 to No. 4, which happened at the resonance point of NCT 1. This round of competition will drop to No. 6. The fourth and final BTS album this week is Love Yourself. Like most other big winners, Tear did not flinch, it was again ranked fifth on the World Albums Chart after 140 weeks on World Album Chart.

Here are the top 5 albums of all BTS albums this week:

No.1  –  Map of the Soul: 7

No.2  –  Be

No.4  –  Love yourself: Answer

No.5  –  Love yourself: Tears

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