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Insurance Policies to claim from if you lose your loved one

We usually consider buying life insurance for the deceased you have purchased during your life, but sometimes we will get free life insurance without our understanding. Insurance language; most of them are completely free or rarely paid. Although the death of a loved one is an irreparable loss, any financial help can at least help you overcome the financial situation you may encounter.

When the “Jan Dhan Plan” was launched in 2014, life insurance was provided to all bank account holders in accordance with the Pradhan Mantri Jivan Jyoti Bima (PMJYB) policy. Carefully study the bank statement of the deceased. If the insurance premium of 330 rupees is regularly debited in the last week of May or every insurance anniversary in early June, the compensation of Rs 2 million can be claimed after the death of the account holder. Malde said PMJYB ended at 55 years old.

When registering in the Employee Benefit Fund (EPF), there is a nominal employer contribution amount that is used for the premium of the Employee Contribution Insurance Plan. The premium is applicable to life insurance with an insured amount of 25,000 to 700,000 kronor. However, this amount should only be paid if he is on duty for the expiring term of office and makes a contribution to the provident fund shortly before his death. “The insurance coverage is 10 to 12 times the employee’s salary.

Mutual funds have tried to persuade investors to stay longer and use free insurance as bait. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund requires SIP for SIP Plus life insurance. The fund provides Century SIP, the investment fund PGIM India calls it “Smart SIP” and Nippon India provides “SIP Insure”. This includes free life insurance as planned and does not require medical examination.

The operator provides 2-4 for people aged 18-54 Life insurance of 10,000 rupees, and prepaid packages of 179 rupees (Bharti AXA life insurance) and 279 rupees (HDFC life insurance). When purchasing a cellular phone package, you can enter the details of the nominee, and even when purchasing a SIM card, you can receive a copy of the policy in the office of the registered address. Keep track of documents as much as possible.

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