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COVID distress in India with the addition of Mucormycosis disease

The center said on Sunday that mucormycosis is an uncontrolled diabetes, with severe ICU conditions, and a fungal infection of COVID-19 patients who have stayed in the ICU for a long time. It can be fatal. People who take drugs that reduce the ability to resist environmental pathogens.

The Medical Research Council of India has issued fact-based warnings to help identify, diagnose and treat the disease. Warning symptoms include pain and congestion of the eyes and nose, fever, headache, cough, shortness of breath, bloody vomiting, and changes in mental status. If there is sinusitis, pain or numbness on one side, black nose or upper jaw, toothache, blurred vision or diplopia with pain, skin lesions, hair should be suspected in COVID-19 diabetic patients and immunodeficient people Mycosis, Thrombosis, chest pain and worsening respiratory diseases.

The main risk factors for the disease include uncontrolled diabetes, steroid immunosuppression, extended stay in ICU, malignancy and voriconazole treatment, as stated in the ICMR Ministry of Health announcement. Separate from COVID and diabetes patients; steroids should be used wisely at the right time, dose and duration.

During oxygen therapy, clean sterile water must be used in the humidifier. According to him, it is necessary to use antibiotics and antifungals correctly. As suggested, the disease can be combated by controlling diabetes, stopping immunomodulatory drugs, reducing the amount of steroids, and performing extensive surgical debridement to remove any necrotic materials.

However, David Denning, a professor at the British University of Manchester and an expert at the Global Action Fund for Fungal Infection (GAFFI).Medical treatment includes placing a peripherally inserted central catheter, maintaining adequate systemic fluid intake, intravenous injection of normal saline and antifungal therapy for at least six weeks before amphotericin B infusion, and clinical radiographic monitoring of the patient to determine reactivity and confirm its progress.

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