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Google Assistant to be activated with power button in Android


According to the report, Google Assistant can be accessed with the help of power button on any Android smartphone soon. Currently, activation words (such as “Ok Google” and “Ok Google”) or swipe gestures on a smartphone can be used to activate the virtual assistant.

Soon, with the release of Android 12, Google may add a power button trigger to Google Assistant so that the corresponding button is no longer needed. Although some Chinese brands already provide this feature in their custom Android appearance. A new feature was discovered in the code of the latest version of the Google app.

XDA developers first discovered the next feature of Google Assistant. The post analyzes the latest version of the Google app (12.18.29), which revealed a bunch of code indicating that Google may be adding a power button trigger for the virtual assistant in Android 12.According to the report, long pressing the power button may bring up Google Assistant. XDA developer Mishaal Rahman was able to detect the new setting on the Pixel 3 XL smartphone with the Android 12 developer platform, but could not enable this option.

Currently, you can use one of the two commands “Ok Google” or “Ok Google” to invoke Google Assistant. When using full-screen gestures, users can also press and hold the home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen of their Android smartphone. Alternatively, some Google Pixel devices can be tilted to the side to activate the virtual assistant. Like Nokia and LG, they also have a dedicated button for Google Assistant.

Google is also working hard to implement the double-tap gesture to bring up the virtual assistant. However, this may not be the case when starting Android 12.In addition, XDA developers can discover some upcoming features after dismantling the Google application. When the phone is connected or unlocked to Android Auto, Android 12 makes it easy for users to authorize payments. Secure or refuse to enter the password completely.

Even if this feature has not been activated, it is recommended that you activate it only when you do not leave your phone unattended for a long time. When you connect or unlock to Android Auto, you can make a payment.

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