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Smart Gadgets which are not too heavy on your pocket

Smart Devices

If you can’t afford a smart home device, or if you’re not sure whether to buy this kind of device, then a smart plug is a good place to start. It does not need to waste hands and feet, you can insert the iron. TV, etc., and turn it into a smart home device. You can control them with a mobile app, which means you can use your phone to turn them on and off, or set the time when they can be turned on automatically. With Smart Plug, you can also use Google Assistant and Alexa to control these devices. TP-Link’s HS100 Wi-Fi smart plug is priced at Rs 2,600.

Amazon Fire Stick 4K turns your standard TV into a smart TV. Everything you need. You need to plug the device into the HDMI port of the TV and connect to the Internet, all major OTT applications and more. Amazon Fire Stick 4K is priced at 5999 rupees, which is undoubtedly cheap.

Keeping your home under surveillance as simple as installing the app at home. The compact camera does not require any special installation-just put it in a corner on a flat surface. The Yi home camera has a 111-degree wide-angle lens, so it can cover a large area and record video at 720p. It also improves night vision and motion detection, so you can see if there are intruders in the middle of the night.

Smart speakers sound good, look good and don’t take up much space-Apple HomePod mini has more features and more features. Although the Apple HomePod mini is large, it provides excellent audio quality, not to mention 360-degree audio. The Apple HomePod mini is priced at Rs 9,900, which is a great addition not only to your home but also to your Apple Universe.

There are a few smart fans. However, Orient is still one of the oldest fan manufacturers in the United States, which is a welcome surprise, not to mention that they have also entered the smart fan market. The elegant fan looks very modern and can be controlled via the Orient Smart app.

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