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TELCOIN Price Analysis: Floating in between its first resistance and support level.

  • The token has a 24 hours trading volume of 18,924,978 and the loss of 28.13% is seen.
  • Engulfing bearish pattern seen in one day time frame, bullish engulfing in the last 5 hours.
  • The token has shown the percentage change in price by 0.15 since yesterday.

The coin has been running below its 200 days moving average and also below 100 DMA. The chart shown above is of coin movement with respect to EMA-20, EMA-50 , EMA-100 and EMA-200. The token at present is likely to sink after floating above EMA-50 for a while. The movement of EMA’s 20, 50 and 100 were above EMA-200 till 19 June. Thus, the coin is considered to be potential as it has the tendency to trail above its 200 days moving exponential.

Total addresses for the token is 38,719 and active addresses in the last 24 hours is 19. Its top 10, 20 and 100 holders have holdings more than 70% and this much holdings could result in never lack in supply.

The TEL-BTC pair is trailing at 0.0000007027 and the fall of 1.57% was seen whereas the TEL-ETH pair is at 0.00001105 and the low of 3.81% is marked in the last 24 hours. RSI for the last 5 hours shows the action of neutral and the value is 46.643. MA-5 shows the buy action whereas MA-10 and MA-20 shows the sell action. Bull/Bear power is -0.0007 which shows the sell action. The volume/market cap of the token is 0.01474 its market dominance is 0.09%

Conclusion: The token has the days range of  0.023357 – 0.024365 and presently is at 0.02372. The token is ready to sell at the moment but if you are interested in longing for this coin then you can. The token is volatile enough to provide you short term profits. The coin had an average running of 0.02700-0.035000 in the beginning of June. The Doji has been formed recently at 0.025560 and in the next 2 days the token hit 0.032657.

Technical Instruments:

Pivot: 0.023457

R-1: 0.024152

R-2: 0.024582

S-1: 0.022752

S-2: 0.022332

(Note- The unit is USD)

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