Chinese covid cases soar as NIO ignores the Shanghai lockdown

Nio Stock Forecast

About NIO Inc. NIO Inc. (niobot-ASX) is a company that provides onboard computer and electronic control systems for independent transportation providers in China. The company’s autonomous driving software includes NIO Pilot, which was launched in December 2016 and allows cars to move reliably at 600 km/h (372 mph). The stock was up 5% on the […]

The price prediction for Loom Network is $0.12 for 2022, a positive outlook

Loom Network Price Prediction

What is the Loom Network? Loom Network is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum that can be used to buy and sell virtual assets or goods. It plans to provide scalable DApp services on the Ethereum blockchain. This will be done with increased throughput using Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) to be easily […]

GBP gains more ground Against USD


The British pound and the American dollar are two of the most important currencies in today’s world. These two major global currencies have a lot in common, they’re both used in a variety of different countries and they both have similar values to other currencies. What is the value of GBP/USD? GBP/USD is the currency […]

USD/JPY is back above 122.00


One of the most actionable trading signals on TradingView is the USD/JPY trade. On an hourly chart, if you see a bullish cross between two consecutive candles with long wicks (the wick stands on one side and the body of each candle stands on the other), then it’s time for USD/JPY traders to get ready […]

Know why investors are looking to invest in IOST

IOST Price Prediction

What is IOST? IOST stands for Internet of Services token. IOST is a blockchain platform created to provide scalable and secure services. It’s intuitive and easy to use, not just for the end-users, but also for developers who can deploy applications with ease. The team behind IOST has already been working on the project since […]

Bitcoin price broke out of an ascending triangle on March 27

Bitcoin Price Prediction

About Bitcoin and its uses Bitcoin is a form of digital currency. Bitcoin can be used to buy things on the internet just as normal money, but it is not like the money that people keep in their bank account – bitcoin does not exist in any physical form (it’s only data). If you were […]

Solana Price Aims For $160.0 in the current market

Solana Price Prediction

Solana is a scalable, fast, secure and green blockchain. It’s quite impressive that it took only 16 seconds to complete its first smart contract on the new technology. It also features real-time messaging with other blockchain systems and has a proof-of-space lease that doesn’t rely on tokens for scarcity. Is the Solana team experienced? The […]

What will be the worth of Zilica in 2023?

ZIL Crypto Price Predictions

ZIL: A new cryptocurrency in the market Zilliqa is an open-source blockchain platform designed for large-scale applications. It uses a novel approach to the Byzantine Generals Problem by sharding transactions off into several smaller parts, each with a separate degree of freedom. This decentralized approach improves the transaction rate and provides security against cyber threats. […]

PiCoin: The new cryptocurrency in the market

PiCoin Price Prediction

What is PiCoin? PiCoin is a new cryptocurrency that has not been launched in the market. The launch date is not yet disclosed but experts have claimed that it would be by 2022 or 2023. Its estimated price until it’s launched can be anywhere between $0.00707 and up to $0.00920 (as per Coin Market Cap). […]