Prediction for XRP price: Ripple prepares for takeoff

XRP Price Prediction

Ripple has announced that it will be arriving on a number of bigger exchanges in the coming weeks. They also plan to make these exchanges more relevant and vital to the overall XRP price. For now, they’re looking ahead to telling their story and building their fan base. This prediction is sure to come true, as Ripple’s new partnerships with banks are set to be revealed in the coming weeks.

The point of this article

Today is not so much about predicting things or making predictions instead, it is to explaining trends within mainstream business cycles. When Ripple announced that it had managed to launch its xRapid pilot program into testing in early December, the price of XRP went down. This made some people see market manipulation on Ripple’s part, especially since they just announced their new partnerships with banks. Think about it this way, if XRP’s price gets pumped because of banks or partnership announcements, then instead of a positive trend (higher price), there is negative news. It is possible that XRP was pushed to sell off because no news was coming out regarding its partnerships or other big exchanges coming on board with the company.


It has been holding back on revealing its relationships with several exchanges to prevent a pump. Now that Ripple’s partners are coming up in the news and its new partnerships for banks are about to be revealed, it has to show a positive narrative.

Ripple has been testing xRapid for 6 months now and just recently announced that it is possible to get between 1-5% of the speed of today’s transactions compared to the old system. But this isn’t what has got investors euphoric, they want real-world use cases. Before banks were onboarded onto RippleNet, its service was restricted only to banks who wanted access to cross-border payments. The financial institutions that accepted Ripple (XRP) were mostly Japanese and South Korean banks, which wanted low-cost funds transfers.

“Why is Ripple not listed on some of the major exchanges?”

This is a common question that people ask me. The truth is, most of these exchanges do not even know what Ripple is. It’s possible that if you have a partnership with them, you can list without them having to vet your exchange. There are also other options as well such as launching your own exchange, as Coinbase did with QUOINEX.All this, however, does not mean that all these exchanges will list XRP. The reality of it all is that the market has to be ready for the news and that investors have to be ready for the news to drive the price higher.

When it comes to Ripple, investors have been indifferent to the news. When you look at the price from when it began testing xRapid and up until now, the price has not shown any signs of growing or increasing in value.

Arguably, what is causing this price to stagnate/lack growth is that there hasn’t been much news regarding partnerships or new products in XRP. When there is news, investors invest and when they invest, they buy more and demand increases which drive the price even higher. The problem right now is that no significant news has been coming out regarding partnerships with banks or other significant developments in XRP.

Does this mean that XRP will not be pumped?

No. It is going to happen, but the question is whether or not Ripple has enough news and real-world use cases to create a positive narrative for XRP. The good news is that XRP has the potential to reach $10 before 2018 ends, but it will have to if it wants to grow past $2. The reason why I say this is because when someone purchases XRP they go into their wallet and sell their BTC or ETH and then buy XRP with their fiat money in USD or EUR.

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