The Reserve Bank of New Zealand to raise Official Cash Rate to 1.25% in April

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Preview

What will be the expected rate of increase in the Official Cash Rate by RBNZ? The interest rate is a measure of the cost of borrowing. The Reserve Bank’s Official Cash Rate (OCR) is the benchmark interest rate in New Zealand. It influences other interest rates, such as mortgage rates and business lending rates. Interest […]

USD/CAD defends yearly lows for a third time

USD CAD Outlook

What is the current price value of CAD in terms of USD? In recent months the Canadian dollar has shown a low trend in relation to the United States Dollar and it is predicted that this will continue in the near future. The value of 1 Canadian dollar is $0.74 US Dollars. The CAD is […]

Gold Price needs to close above 21-DMA at $1,935 to gain further

Gold Price Forecast

Will Gold price close the week at $1,935? A week ago, the price of gold was at $1,894.56 USD per ounce. The last week’s open and high was recorded at $1,942.60 USD and the week’s low for gold prices was at $1,864.50 USD. With a closing price of $1,935 for the year so far, what […]

Ripple Price Prediction: Ripple is ready to takeoff

Ripple price prediction

In recent days, the price of Ripple has been going up and many people are starting to buy. This speculation is due to several factors that have been developing in the last few weeks. One of these developments is that the price of Bitcoin has been on a strong uptrend for a while now and […]

Commodity currencies predicts futures markets lower

Commodity futures markets

What is Commodity futures markets? Commodity futures markets are a place where commodities like corn, wheat, sugar, and others are traded. They are usually regulated by a government or an exchange for example the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in the US. Trading takes place on organized exchanges that provide liquidity and greater transparency to the […]

Trade setup for Indian equity markets for April

Equity markets trade

How do equity markets trade? Traditionally, equity markets trade through securities or stocks. Stocks are an ownership stake in a company and they can also be traded instead of being purchased outright. Securities are rights to ownership of shares or bonds in a company. They can be traded by people buying and selling them on […]

Know why March was an excellent month for the USD/JPY

USD/JPY Forecast

The US dollar and the Japanese yen are two of the most liquid currencies in the world. The USD/JPY is a highly-active currency pair, with many traders around the globe trying to identify price patterns, such as trend reversals or breakouts. Short term currency trading can be daunting for beginners. There are many factors that […]

Polkadot price could plunge to $15

Polkadot price

Polkadot price is at risk of collapse, as analysts identify bearish indicators? The cryptocurrency market has been dominated by investors as of late, with a few stocks experiencing enormous upswings in the recent months. The price of one POLKADOT Token (PDOT) is $0.0639. Moreover, it is trading around 0.000007 BTC and 0.000019 ETH on CoinMarketCap […]

Spend your money wisely with Intraday Market analysis

Intraday market analysis

What is Intraday? An intraday market analysis provides a snapshot of the activities in the market over a given period to help identify trading opportunities. Intraday reviews are especially useful when trying to access an opportunity, as they allow one to monitor what is happening in the market during their time frame. Intraday trading is […]