Cardano aims For $1.40 Amid Sustained Buying Momentum


Cardano is a pioneering project to develop the world’s first blockchain technology which is designed from the ground up to deliver unmatched levels of performance and scalability. Cardano’s design has been built from peer-reviewed academic research and industry best practices.

About the creators of Cardano

Cardano’s development and research are led by the Cardano Foundation under the stewardship of Michael Parsons, who is a chairman and former CEO of Visa UK and Ireland. This Foundation operates independently and collaborates with Input Output HK (IOHK) to direct the development of Cardano.

The team behind Cardano comprises a group of experts from around the globe with expertise in engineering, academic research and finance. The development team behind Cardano consists of IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong), Emurgo, FP Complete and OKLink.

What new facilities will Cardano provide?

Built on peer review, it will be the most advanced decentralised public blockchain platform having superior features. The Cardano (ADA) token will offer crypto protection for ADA holders. It will also provide liquidity for users in cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, it will give a unique mechanism by which cryptocurrency exchanges can be brought into compliance with regulations governing fiat currencies and securities trading.

Cardano’s development was initiated by IOHK, a research & development team that includes some of the leading academics (e.g., Profs. Aggelos Kiayias and Jeremy Wood) in economics, computer science, engineering and cryptography. Furthermore, the Cardano project is backed by some of the world’s most respected investors and entrepreneurs.

With Cardano, ADA holders will have the power to decide if and how an update is implemented. They will be allowed to approve or reject updates on their blockchain.

The Cardano roadmap

Cardano’s roadmap will follow a process laid out in three phases: 1) Byron, 2) Shelley and 3) Goguen. This design includes innovative features that will support a unique balance between commercial adoption and regulatory compliance.

Byron is the first phase of development which includes a new Haskell-based blockchain protocol with smart contracting capabilities, built-in privacy features and flexible monetary policies. It also features a layered architecture that separates accounting of value from executing transactions on the ledger.

What is the current price value of Cardano?

The value of Cardano is currently very low. It will appreciate in the future. We’ve been mining since the beginning and we can tell you that Cardano has become worth much more than what we paid for it. For example, we bought 1 BTC for $9000 and today the price is $19000. Keep in mind that ADA is not only an asset but also a platform with possible use-cases. The price will rise as more people accept ADA as a means of payment in stores or online.

Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Listing new coins is a great way to increase its liquidity. Binance is currently live with about 100 trading pairs for Cardano (basic ADA) including cheaper BTC pairs.

Does Cardano have a future?

Cardano’s vision is to be a smart contract platform that could easily integrate with some of the most disruptive technologies, such as IoT and Proof-of-Stake. Such a feature will allow the network to be flexible and scalable.

Cardano (ADA) has been gradually developing since its foundation in 2015 when the project was launched by Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder of Ethereum. Cardano does not intend to compete with either Bitcoin or Ethereum. Instead, it aims to run parallel to both platforms and provide more advanced features for cryptocurrencies in general as well as a platform on which other applications can be built.

Given the impact that Ethereum will have significant impact on various industries, such as banking and financial services with its smart contracts. However, it is likely that Cardano’s progress will take some time to be significant. This is because the Cardano blockchain platform still lacks a couple of specialized projects that would enable it to genuinely compete against Ethereum in terms of speed, flexibility and integration.

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