GBP/USD: Will it reach 1.3000?


In early September, the British pound reached a 3-year high against the US dollar. This sent shockwaves across global markets as investors begin to wonder what could happen next. As time goes by, some sources believe that the pound could continue to gain strength and break through key prices like $1.2800 (the year 2014 peak) […]

The Bitcoin Price Prediction: What’s Next for BTC?

Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin mania is sweeping the world over and some of the Bitcoin price predictions that are being thrown around are staggering. One thing is certain, as with any investment, there will be good days and bad days. The following article will take you through what we know about the currency so far and make an […]

Prediction of XRP price breakout: Ripple gains momentum

XRP Price Prediction

This is one for the crypto-heads, but Ripple has been creeping steadily up and has now reached $0.6 off of a high of $0.5 just a few days ago. There was some worry that it would crash to around $0.4, but instead it’s settled into a new range at about the same time that news […]

USD/CHF Price Analysis: Bulls in charge while above weekly dynamic support line

USD/CHF Price Analysis

The U.S. Dollar was strong on Wednesday, reaching a weekly high despite the pressure from negative article content and headwinds from higher interest rates. Bears were not able to find any support for their case against the USD/CHF pair, which made a decisive break of last week’s dynamic support line early on in the day […]

Crude Oil Futures: A deeper retracement looks not favoured

Crude Oil Futures

The price of crude oil is expected to remain volatile in the coming months with a deeper retracement looking not favoured. That’s according to experts at the Economist Intelligence Unit who also said that there will be risks for global economic growth to increase if this continues. Over the last few weeks, oil prices have […]

AUD/USD: Bulls holding the fort above fresh daily lows


The AUD/USD pair has been grinding lower, with a series of lower highs and lows. The pair consolidated below the $0.7400 level on Monday, but bulls did well to push it back above the $0.7500 level on Tuesday session – as a result, traders might be looking for a positive opening when US trading commences […]

EUR/USD: Bears are not done yet


The dollar, EUR/USD’s near-term trend indicator, has been steadily weakening for the past few months. Some are calling for a return to 1.35. If the euro does strengthen, it poses risks for peripheral Eurozone countries that have large exposure to American trade and assets. The dollar’s daily trend chart (below) shows that it has been […]

Bitcoin gave a green signal to Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu price

Can Shiba Inu price rally by 100% now? The Shiba Inu is a small Japanese dog with a friendly disposition. The cryptocurrency market has been flooded with different cryptocurrencies, one of which is the Shiba Inu token (SIB). It was launched on 19 June, 2018 and it is currently the 121st ranked digital coin. It […]

Bitcoin’s road to $52,000 is paved

Bitcoin Weekly Forecast

Bitcoin is a decentralized and peer-to-peer digital currency. It was developed as open source software in 2008 by a pseudonymous developer who goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. The currency is not issued by any central authority, so there are no banks that can inflate its value or control it’s supply. Because Bitcoin operates […]

A hike in the price of Ethereum

Ethereum price

Ethereum is no stranger to explosive price growths and corrections throughout its short life. The recent spike may be nothing more than a temporary correction. Moreover, it could even signal a bigger bull run coming for the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency market cap. The rise in Ethereum prices made it past Tencent’s market cap which currently […]