How long will it take for Waves crypto to extend its recent gains?

WAVES Price Prediction

Many investors are starting to wonder, when will the most recent gains in Waves cryptocurrency stabilize? The question is simple enough: how long will it take for the price of the token to go back down after a dramatic increase in demand for this platform.

This article analyzes current market conditions and provides an estimate on what many people think is going on with Waves. It’s important to note that this analysis is purely speculative and might not be possible given all of the unknowns in cryptocurrency markets. All we can do is supply data, context, and try our best to be as accurate as we can given these different factors.

Waves crypto recently increased in value by over 300%. Why this price increase?

So what caused the most recent increase of nearly 300% in Waves cryptocurrency? The answer is simple: major exchanges started listing the token. On May 8th, Binance announced that it will begin trading Waves. About a week later, another exchange, OKEx also listed Waves on its platform. As a result of getting on these two popular exchanges, the value of Waves surged over the 100 million USD mark for the first time ever.

Since then, there has been a slight cooling off period for Waves. The price is still up significantly from before the big exchanges listed it but it has dropped by about 15%. This sharp decrease in value could be seen by investors as a delayed correction. But it could also be an indication that the huge increase had some serious underlying causes.

Right now, Waves is trading at around the $27 USD per token mark. It’s down from a high of around $35, but it’s still significantly up from the $6 mark that it was at a little over three months ago. Is this temporary drop going to be a failure to reach new highs or is this correction just an indication that big exchanges listing Waves cryptocurrency mean its value will increase in the long term?

Waves cryptocurrency analysis: can it break out again?

There are two factors underlying the analysis of whether Waves will break out again. The first factor is the fact that exchanges listed Waves less than a month ago. This allows the token to have time to settle down from the major spike in value. But it also gives it time to recover from that initial surge of demand.

The other factor is the fact that there are very few cryptocurrencies available for investors to trade. Only about 1,000-2,000 tokens are tradable on one of the big exchanges. While there are more than 1,500 different tokens tradable on begin crypto exchanges including Binance and OKEx, these rare blocks of liquidity can drive up price increases and create higher demand for some coins.

Waves has also been steadily working to get its platform off the ground. While it was originally described as a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, it is now also being described as a token trading platform. Once this platform features are active, the value of Waves will be based on the number of users using its technology. This new classification makes Waves more like Ethereum and less like Augur or Steemit.

What is Waves?

Waves cryptocurrency is a token trading platform that was launched in 2016. It’s primary use case is for issuing tokens and the issuing of ICOs. But recently, it has also been described as a decentralized exchange by its developers. If this DEX feature is implemented, it will make Waves much more like Ethereum and less like an ICO crowdfunding platform.

This is significant because Ethereum is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in existence. This major price increase comes from the large number of users that are using applications built on top of its blockchain, such as IDEX and Metamask. It’s because of this use case that Ethereum is worth more than 100 million USD per token.

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