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alexandria ocasio-cortez is an idiot

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alexandria ocasio-cortez is an idiot. For starters, she is an idiot for using a hashtag that only one person, a non-black woman, uses in a single tweet. I am no longer surprised by the tweets she sends because I know that she is one of those people that only tweets about the black experience.

A lot of people are making a lot of noise about this and people are starting to ask, “Why you even use a hashtag? Why not just tweet something like ‘#blackhistorymonth’?” Because she does, and people need to know it.

I have spent the last several days looking for ways to explain that her use of the hashtag isn’t racist because it is a hashtag that only one person has tweeted about. I looked at the hashtag on Instagram, I looked at the hashtag on Twitter, I looked at the hashtag on Facebook, and there were only one or two people that tweeted about it. Yet, I’m still here. I’m not done yet.

In fact, it’s just the beginning. The hashtag has been used by a variety of people, from people that are not only not racist (and we can’t even tell what their races are) to people that are actually racist (like alexandria). We need to come up with other ways to discuss it, and the hashtag has been used in a variety of ways that are not racist.

I think one of the reasons that alexandria is so popular is because it is not just a racist hashtag that people are using it to discuss. It is a hashtag about racism. The other reason is because it is not just a hashtag that people are using to discuss it. It is a hashtag that is used to discuss racism. We are in the middle of a conversation about racism and the middle of a conversation about alexandria.

As a result of all of that, alexandria has become the go-to hashtag for all discussions about racism. It was coined because of the idea that alexandria is a person who is an idiot. It’s the same as “racist” or “racist.” It is the idea that a racist makes an idiot of himself. It is a meme that is used to discuss racism.

The idea that alexandria is a meme is a very popular one. According to the most popular meme generator on the internet, alexandria is a meme with over 700,000 likes. The creator of alexandria is also the creator of the meme. It’s like a meme without the memes.

The idea that alexandria is a meme is stupid for a number of reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t follow the pattern of racism. When a person is called a racist, it is almost always because of something that happened. It is not a meme that came out of a racist mind. And secondly, the meme itself has no basis in reality. A racist would say (or write) that someone is racist because of a real event that happened in the past.

It’s a meme because it is a meme. The “racist” is just another way to talk about an event that happened, something else that happened, or a statement that someone made that has no basis in reality. This is the same reason why people say “there is no God” when they don’t believe in any divine being. The “racist” is not about any real thing that happened in the past. It is about the fact that a person is racist.

alexandria ocasio-cortez is the only black man in the group of people that were asked about his recent behavior. When the question was asked were you a racist, he said no. The truth is, his behavior was a lot more intense and racist than that. Its like the saying, “There are plenty of white people around here who have black friends, but not all of them are racist.


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