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harvard post election forum

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I was interested in reading this post from a recent Harvard University post election forum where the professors had pondered the upcoming presidential election. The post was titled, “The Best and Worst of Everything”.

I’m not sure what this best and worst of everything thing is, but I love the fact that there’s such a wide variety of responses to this question that it’s not even a poll.

One of the best responses was that there are many factors in the election that are going to be very complex, and thus difficult to predict. It seems that certain candidates have very strong points in the areas of foreign policy, healthcare, and social issues that are going to be very important. However, both parties are going to have their own views about the economy and the country in general. So it’s hard to say which candidate is the best of everything.

The point of the poll was to provide a general sense of where the opinions and viewpoints of those who are interested in this type of information are. While I think it is always a good idea to find out where someone is coming from, it is also important to be aware of the things you think are true and what you think are not.

The poll was set to allow for the views of both Republicans and Democrats and to include a little variety of opinion in the results. In fact, the main reason for me to start this poll was to see what was going through the minds of the people on this forum who are interested in the economy. Just like the presidential election, there are going to be different opinions about all aspects of this issue. The only thing that really seems to be clear is that the election will be about the economy.

It is true that both candidates had some very different opinions about the economy. The winner, John Kerry, has been running for a long time, and has a strong relationship with the American people. For a new candidate, John McCain, he has had the longest of any candidate so far in his campaign, going back to his days as a POW in Vietnam.

McCain has a lot of good things to say about the economy, but he also has a lot of negative things to say about it. He has supported tax cuts, but he has voted against raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. He has spoken out against the Iraq war, and against the war in Afghanistan. He has supported the war in both countries. He has been very outspoken about the need for more troops in this war, and also the need for more troops in Afghanistan.

Let’s take the minimum wage vote as an example. McCain voted against it because the federal minimum wage is too low. He believes that the minimum wage should be raised to 10.10 an hour. He has also said he wants to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour. He wants to raise taxes to help pay for the war in Afghanistan.

In other words, our president wants to raise the income of the American people. He is trying to take away the ability of the American people to earn money at a lower rate of income.

The minimum wage is supposed to be a safety net for workers who might otherwise be on the streets. We all know that a worker making 12.10 dollars an hour and working 80 hours a week is not going to be able to afford to buy groceries or pay rent. McCain is trying to take away a basic safety net that will help someone who is struggling even if it means he might have to work a lot harder.


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