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I’m a big fan of James Comey. His honesty and integrity is refreshingly unafraid to speak out against political corruption, the corporate culture, and the criminal behavior of those in power. He’s a man who I admire. He’s a man who I believe has done more than any other presidential candidate to uncover the truth about wrongdoing by the government and corporations.

In the past few years, James Comey has been the single most powerful FBI official in the country. If you’re a member of the FBI, you will always be the most trusted person in the entire government. It was Comey who put the FBI in a position to investigate the President’s actions. I’m just happy to have him as my trusted official in the FBI.

We believe James Comey is the most powerful person in the United States government. He is the president of the United States, and he is also the attorney general of the United States. His powers are so vast and his reach is so wide that he should be able to get to the bottom of any scandal, no matter how big.


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