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kabul airport explosion fox

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I was in Kabul this past weekend and got a chance to visit the kabul airport, which is the largest in Afghanistan and the home of many westerners. The explosion occurred while a plane was taking off from the airport.

The explosion was a result of a blast that was generated by a fuel tank. That explosion killed at least 30 people. The bomb was also the result of a “failed” suicide bomber who failed to detonate his bomb, and so the death toll is expected to rise.

In addition to the explosion, the death toll was also a result of a failed suicide bomb that killed another 30. The death toll is now expected to go up to 50. The U.S. embassy in Afghanistan is at the center of the bombing and has been badly damaged. The embassy is the target of an ongoing investigation.

As we learned from a New York Times article, the Afghan Embassy is the target of an ongoing investigation. The explosion was not a suicide attack as we were led to believe. It was a failed bomb meant to destroy the embassy. We have not been able to confirm or deny the death toll, but we expect it to rise.

For now, we are left without any answers. But we are glad to hear that the U.S. Embassy is safe, and that American casualties are contained, although it looks like the blast may have killed more than a dozen people. We’ll update this page as soon as we learn more.

The new Deathloop rules will provide us with a quick look at the changes that are being made to it. Let’s take a look.

The rules will be simple: Kill the target, get the target into the Air Force, and then destroy the aircraft. As soon as the target is killed, the missile is destroyed, so it is safe to assume it is the target’s last chance. The missiles have been used for many years, so the missiles are very easy to control.

Kill the target is basically a long sequence of actions that is repeated over and over again. The target has to be eliminated from the sequence before we can move into the next action.

The action is a simple one. The target has to be eliminated from the sequence, and that is done by sending one of the missiles to the target’s head, killing him and taking out his brain. Once the target is eliminated, we can move on to the next target.

It’s hard enough to kill a target in the game, but the next one is even harder. Because we can’t just kill a target in the game, we have to choose a specific target and kill it with the same action. We have to make sure that we’re doing the best thing for the whole team (the target) and not just us. That’s why we can only have one missile, and if it is targeted at one person the whole team can die.


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