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kristal quarker-hartsfield

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this is my favorite quote from quarker and the reason why I love her so much.

I love the idea of a fictional woman who can’t stop playing with her phones, but the quote is actually quite apt. It’s about how we’re constantly interacting with social media and using them to get information that can help us in our offline lives.

Its one of those moments when we all get our fill of quarker’s infectious enthusiasm and then we get to move on to something else. We probably all have something to say about this quote, so I’m sure there will be a lot more from the rest of our interview.

There’s a funny little side note in the trailer about how Twitter and Facebook are now more important than paper when it comes to making friends. When we started talking to Kristal, the quarker, it was pretty clear to us that social media was becoming something of an important part of her life. That’s why she’s so drawn to it. She says she’s not only a quarker, but an avid user of Twitter and Facebook.

Kristal is a member of the quarker community, but shes also a girl. Although that might not sound very exciting, she is incredibly passionate about social media. When asked about her favorite way to connect with people, she said it was by going on Twitter and Facebook. She enjoys how people can connect to her in the way that only a quarker can.

She’s a lovely lady and a good friend of mine. I was a little bit taken aback when this trailer was announced last night, although I was certainly impressed by how much she’s inspired her.

Kristal’s a quarker, so if you saw her on Twitter she’d be saying something like: “The way of the quarker is to build an army of quarkers. When people go out of their way to see me, I think of them as my army.

As we all know, quarkers are the most powerful fighting force in the universe. I know this is not actually true, but I have to think it is true, because I know that I can feel a quarker when I see one. I think it is because the power of personality is just too awesome, which is why they are called the “Quarkers”.

That’s it for this week. See you again next time.


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