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tucker carlson fuck you

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This is my new favorite line from Tucker Carlson where it tells the viewer to just take your own advice. That’s right, you don’t need to convince him that he is wrong, he is correct. I’m sure as hell not going to convince you.

Tucker Carlson has always been one of my favorite pundits on Fox News. He’s funny, informative, and insightful, and has become one of my favorite news commentators. The first time I saw one of his shows, he was talking about the latest news in the Ukraine and the ongoing “crisis” between Ukraine and Russia. I was stunned.

I was also shocked, then I realized that Tucker Carlson is a man who clearly likes to debate and debate and debate. He was on the same show as the Russian dissident Alexey Navalny, so maybe that’s why he was so adamant about Russia and Putin being the bad guy. But that’s not how Tucker thinks. He was on the same show that said that America needed to be more like Russia, and that we should just go to war with Russia.

Of course Tucker thinks its cool that Russia has a dissident and that America is a good country. He’s trying to be funny about how we should just be like Russia. But this is exactly the type of thing Tucker likes to do.

Tucker Carlsons is the guy who was so passionate about Russia that he went to Russia to tell the Russian people they should be like America. Of course, he didn’t think they’d really listen to him.

Tucker is the kind of guy who is convinced that Russia is going down the tubes. He is the type of guy who believes that Russia is the new China and is just trying to get us to join in the bandwagon. He is the type of guy that will tell you, “What would we do if Russia had a guy like you as president?” He is the type of guy that really believes that Russia is going to change.

Tucker Carlson is one of the most entertaining human beings alive and I am so proud that he has the opportunity to do what he does. I love that he is doing what is right for the people of Russia. He is just trying to protect us from the world and the future. He is not just a conservative, he is an American who loves the country.

Tucker Carlson is a very smart and informed person who is completely right on. He is also on the record stating that the United States needs to be rid of its allies. The only reason he is doing what he is doing is because he is fighting to the death for his beliefs.

Tucker is a smart guy who knows how to make a buck. Why would anyone in that line of work choose to fight for the wrong reason? Why would anyone that does this? And the most important reason, how is he going to pay for this? He is probably already a millionaire.

Tucker is a libertarian. He wants to live without the government in control of his life, so he doesn’t need the government to come along and take away his freedom. This is a common theme, as libertarians often cite the need for government as a reason they can’t support the government (because they themselves want to be free).


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