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this year I made this video to help me decide what to cook for Thanksgiving. Although I don’t eat meat, I am excited to try some of the new and exciting foods that have been released this year.

I love the new food that makes me think about what I would like to cook for Thanksgiving. It really does make you want to eat something different because it is so fresh. My favorite new food this year is the new pumpkin pie that seems to be bursting with the flavor of pumpkin pie.

Of course, pumpkin isn’t the only new holiday food that is out this year. There have been a lot of new flavors from the past few seasons as well. I’m looking forward to trying these flavors and seeing what I like. They are such a treat to have in my mouth.

I was going to go with a lot of the flavors we have on the store shelves this year, but I really feel like I need something new and fresh.

I guess I can only compare my love of pumpkin pie to my love of pumpkin spice. I love the taste of both, but I find the flavor of pumpkin pie sweeter. I love the flavor but it lacks the heat that pumpkin spice gives me. They are both really good but I feel like if I had to choose just one, I would probably choose the flavor of pumpkin pie.

It’s Thanksgiving, and it’s time to eat. And since pumpkin pie is my favorite holiday treat, I’m going to share my Thanksgiving recipe with you. It’s a really simple but delicious pie made with a simple crust and a flavorful filling.

This recipe uses pumpkin pie filling with some of the spices to it. It is easy to make, but it is also delicious. The crust is a favorite of mine, but I also use mini chocolate chip cookies as a substitute. I like to bake it the day before so that the pastry is a little softer. I also like to bake it 1,000 degrees, which is why I bake mine in the oven and not on the stove like I do with regular pie.

I don’t know why it took me so long to bake the pie and then I thought I would just use cookie dough instead. Well, it just happened. I used the cookie dough as a substitute because the pie is pretty tasty. But the crust is a great substitute, too, so I will probably just bake it in the oven this weekend.

the cookie dough will be ready to go around 10am on Thanksgiving.


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