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This is true. The election season has been a difficult moment for a lot of us, and it seems like a lot of us are starting to feel like we are losing it. Most of us have been trying to think about what to do about some of the more depressing things, like how to get our family through the end of the year. It seems like our voices have been drowned out by the cacophony of the press.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty gloomy right now. For a lot of us, the election season was one of the hardest times of our lives. Many of us are so used to feeling good about so many things, that it just seems like the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Some of us have seen the depressing results of how the political system has changed from the early 2000s when we were all so used to an election being a day where you could vote for your favorite candidate, and an election where you could vote for your favorite candidate. Now, that feeling of having the same amount of power no longer matters.

This feeling of powerlessness goes hand in hand with an increase in political polarization as the two candidates you would prefer to vote for have both made it very clear that they are more interested in dividing the country than they are in helping it. It’s not that we’re all feeling the same. It’s that we’re all feeling like we’re watching something be destroyed over and over again.

What is happening is more and more people are seeing politics as a game. And this is fine. But game mechanics that force you to replay the same game over and over again and are only interesting if you can replay the same game, are in no way fun.

If you are a player who feels that politics is a game and that the outcome of games is decided by the actions of players, then its time to put your feet up and get a life.

I do agree with you. But the problem is that by doing this you’re not going to be able to play a game that is good enough for you to enjoy. Games are meant to be played. It’s not meant to be just one or two rounds of playing a game over and over again. You can play games that are fun, but not a good game. Playing games that are fun is not a reason to vote for candidates.

I’m not saying to not vote, I am saying that voting for a candidate is not a good reason to play a game that is fun.

If you want to vote, you need to do something that is fun. It’s not a reason to have fun. It’s an important reason to do something. I think it’s very important to have fun. The best part of playing games is that you do your best for yourself. It means that you do your best for everyone.

I don’t want to be insensitive, but I don’t want to feel that everyone is doing their best for everyone. I think there is a difference between being a good person and being the best player you can be. A person can have a lot of fun playing games, but it is important to have fun playing games. In this case, I am suggesting that you be the best player you can be. This is something that makes me sad, but also a little proud.


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