Apple-Circle Collaboration; Circle enables Apple pay to pay in Stablecoins

Circle announces that Apple has allowed accepting crypto payment using stable coins in their platform. Businesses that accept payment in stablecoins can use Apple pay for their transactions.

  • Users can complete payment in Apple pay by using Face Id and Touch ID
  • Virgin crypto users can also access Apple pay

Circle (company) was founded by Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville in October 2013. It is the issuer of USD and EURO coins. This collaboration between Apple and Circle seems beneficial for customers who have yet to use cryptocurrency. 

The company states, “NFT marketplaces, crypto gaming, crypto exchanges, crypto wallets and cross-border remittance providers can help their business grow by making checkout easy with Apple Pay and Circle. The addition will help crypto-native businesses by making it easier to take payments, while not excluding customers that don’t use crypto. In addition, traditional businesses can also take advantage of this enhancement to shift more retail payments to digital currency.”

Benefits from Apple-Circle Collaboration 

USD and EURO coin issuers Circle intends to expand the crypto mode of payment so that every customer who has yet to try crypto can easily pay in cryptocurrency. Stablecoins issuers said that this Apple-Circle collaboration brings a new feature: a safe and easy way to make transactions.

Traditional businesses can also easily shift to a decentralized system by using this feature.

The Director of Products at Circle, Abhishek Sandhir, said, “Apple Pay is also a safer and faster way to pay using the Safari browser and in apps because customers will no longer have to create an account or fill out lengthy forms.”

It will be the safest way of payment because the user can only complete the payment after using Face ID or Touch Id.

How to access the feature

Users can enable Apple pay in a few steps. Traders who meet the requirements can only be eligible to access Apple pay and also get eligible to open Free Circle Account and have to create an Apple Developer Account

Then only the user can connect to Circle Payment Solutions and start testing Apple pay payment and other payment methods in the sandbox. Customers can use this feature on iPhone, ipad, Apple, and other supported devices online.


This Apple-Circle collaboration will attract many new users toward cryptocurrency, and new users will be able to know the benefits of using cryptocurrency. It will cause the traditional business to shift to a decentralized system. Instead of Apple-Circle collaboration, Circles had planned other initiatives and projects to bring in the market that helps to connect traditional business systems with decentralized systems.



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