BudBlockz (BLUNT) And Chain (XCN) Will Outperform Cronos (CRO) By 2024

One of the unique characteristics of cryptocurrencies is the way their prices change. Many factors affect cryptocurrency prices, including market sentiment, major news, and government regulation. 

However, one of the main determinants of how much a cryptocurrency will be worth in the long run is the project behind the coin. If the project behind a cryptocurrency serves a major purpose in its industry, the coin will likely become valuable. 

A good example of cryptocurrencies that will gain massive value in the future is BudBlockz (BLUNT) and Chain (XCN).

What is BudBlockz (BLUNT)?

BudBlockz (BLUNT) is a cryptocurrency project on the Ethereum blockchain. The main goal of the BudBlockz (BLUNT) project is to create a decentralized, safe, and secure platform where cannabis lovers can meet, interact, and purchase their favorite products.

BudBlockz (BLUNT) hopes to achieve this goal by launching an eCommerce platform selling various weed products privately. It will allow all weed lovers to access their favorite products without walking into physical dispensaries. 

BudBlockz (BLUNT) is also setting up several cannabis dispensaries and farms in weed-friendly jurisdictions. As an investor, you can participate directly in the cannabis industry by investing in these businesses by purchasing BudBlockz NFTS, known as Ganja Guruz. The NFTs will give you ownership of part of the businesses.

With Ganja Guruz NFTs, you will also have access to the BudBlockz gaming platform, where you can play your favorite retro-inspired games and win exciting prizes. The NFTs will also make you a full member of the BudBlockz ecosystem and allow you access to discount codes for products on the BudBlockz marketplace.

BudBlockz (BLUNT) is already making waves in the crypto industry with a sold-out private sale and a pre-sale that is doing better than expected. So far, the early investors who bought the coin in the early stages of the pre-sale are already seeing massive profits from their investment.

Experts predict that the coin will continue to soar in price in the coming years. One reason for this is that the cannabis industry is growing fast. It is estimated that the industry will be worth a whopping $176.5 billion by the end of this decade. As BudBlockz (BLUNT) is a major player in the cannabis industry, it is expected that the coin will also increase in value.

Chain (XCN)

Another cryptocurrency project that is doing well at the moment is Chain (XCN). Chain (XCN) is the governance token of the Chain ecosystem. The coin is used for voting on the chain ecosystem and Chain DAO activities. The coin also allows its owners access to discounts on chain software and is a payment method on the Chain Protocol.

BudBlockz (BLUNT) and Chain are expected to skyrocket in value and surpass cryptocurrencies such as Cronos (CRO) in 2024. 

Cronos (CRO) 

Cronos (CRO) is the native cryptocurrency of the Cronos blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange. Cronos has previously done well in the market. However, it was recently discovered that the project mistakenly transferred about 80% of its ether reserves to the wrong crypto account. The reserves transferred are worth about $400 million.

The CEO of Cronos tweeted about the mistake, saying that the Ether was supposed to be moved to a cold storage address but was mistakenly sent to a safe listed address registered at their rival exchange Gate.io.

Despite the mistake being corrected and new features being implemented to prevent such a mistake from happening again, the price of Cronos (CRON) has continued to drop.

Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website: https://budblockz.io/ 

Presale Registration:: https://app.budblockz.io/sign-up 

BudBlockz Community Links: https://linktr.ee/budblockz