The Future of Ethereum-Based Token BudBlockz: 2023 Price Prediction

BudBlockz is the future of cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology has achieved more than just changing our collective approach to finance. It has solved several issues in this digitally-focused and evolving society and infiltrated an array of markets. The latest digital coin to have taken the marijuana industry to a whole new level is BudBlockz.

BudBlockz is the first asset-backed by NFTs of marijuana products, dispensaries, and farms worldwide. As the legalization of cannabis continues across the world, the business is creating a secure and safe ecosystem to sell, buy, and trade cannabis products.

BudBlockz has been launched on Ethereum, but it will be compatible with other networks. Its token, $BLUNT, will be used for trading cannabis products on an online e-commerce marketplace. And you should not miss out on the opportunity to purchase BudBlockz at a lower price before it explodes in 2023.

Price Projection for BudBlockz

The $BLUNT token supports selling, buying, and trading digital and real-world assets and facilitates NFT fractional ownership, e-commerce opportunities, and cannabis farm ownership.

BudBlockz has a total supply of 420,000,000 tokens to be minted. The marijuana industry is big and has been growing rapidly for years. Thus, BudBlockz is an incredible alternative investment platform with great potential. BudBlockz’s private sale is already sold out, and its presale is now underway. Analysts are predicting that it will approach $0.09 over the course of the three phases of its presale.

To some extent, the market’s enthusiasm concerns how cryptocurrency handles its initial market entry and pricing. The initial valuations of $BLUNT, for its presale and private sale, are deliberately low. So, this gives early investors an incentive to add $BLUNT to their investment portfolio while enlarging its appeal beyond the insiders who usually benefit from untenably low valuations of the private sale.

Along with the standard community-uniting collectibles, a series of asset-backed NFTs will facilitate cannabis-related transactions on the BudBlockz platform. Users can enter mutually negotiated contracts for partial ownership of marijuana companies across the whole supply chain. The approach delivers the required working capital to processors, growers, distributors, and retail operations while involving BudBlockz users in the workings of the marijuana industry.

External factors also play a significant role in the optimism surrounding BudBlockz. The 15th September merger that will see Ethereum shift from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake basis has been the topic of speculation since it was announced. However, the consensus view is that it will support ERC20 tokens’ greater valuation. BudBlockz will benefit from this upsurge and reward early investors in the process.

BudBlockz Aims to Leverage a Large Number of Cannabis Users Worldwide

The BudBlockz platform is taking advantage of the people using cannabis and the fact that more countries are regulating and legalizing the marijuana industry. Its network is made up of cannabis fans worldwide.

BudBlockz is the first cannabis e-commerce store. Analysts predict BudBlockz cryptocurrency will be worth over $200 billion within the next 10 years. It gives users a safe place to trade cannabis and any other items related to cannabis, irrespective of their location.

BudBlockz enables people to buy shares in farms and shops, which can be used as an investment in marijuana. Users can sell and buy goods directly and own exclusive NFTs on the crypto platform, making the most of the peer-to-peer marketplace.


BudBlockz is a complete platform that will include support for NFTs. It will launch 10,000 NFTs, Ganja Guruz, on Open Sea. The holders of these NFTs will access partial ownership of marijuana dispensaries and farms. On BudBlockz platforms, NFT holders can get additional discounts on cannabis purchases. The company is also developing a play-to-earn arcade game based on cannabis themes. A player can earn rewards distributed in $BLUNT tokens.

BudBlockz is one of a kind. It focuses on blockchain and cannabis integration. Unlike other blockchains in the industry, BudBlockz will distinguish itself as a leader as it heralds a broader adoption of marijuana dispensaries. It is why $BLUNT, the native coin of BudBlockz, is sure to surpass some popular crypto tokens in 2023.

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