Musk’s ultimatum

Work “Extremely Hardcore” or leave: Musk’s ultimatum made Lead Crypto Engineer resign.

  • Musk has given the ultimatum to employees to work “Extremely Hardcore” or leave.
  • Ultimatum was about to end by 5:00 pm ET on Thursday. 
  • He wants employees to dedicatedly work long hours for Twitter 2.0.

Elon Musk has been making rather harsh and unorthodox decisions since its acquisition of micro-blogging giant Twitter on October 27 at $44 billion. His latest mandate asked the employees to work “Extremely Hardcore” or leave.

Twitter has been mass layoffs since buyouts, including employees and contractors, to high-level management officials; every department and hierarchy has seen job cuts. Some even resigned themselves. In the list of resignees is the lead Crypto Engineer, Tress Rinearson. Who joined the company just over a year ago. 

The former staffer also updates her bio to not click the button @twitter, referring to Musk’s requirement that any employee wishing to stay and adopt the “Extremely Hardcore” culture is to click on “YES” on a form by Thursday evening.

bio to not click the button @twitter

Extremely Hardcore” mandate.

In an email sent by Elon Musk to all the employees of Twitter and which was obtained by CNN, he revealed the benchmarks he expects employees to match to be in the company, excelling the company or climb up the ladder should be thought when employees break the said benchmark and set a new one. 

“Going forward to build a breakthrough Twitter 2.0 and succeed in an increasingly competitive world, we will need to work extremely hardcore.”

“This means that working for long hours at high intensity, only exceptional performance will constitute passing grade.”

“If you are sure that you want to be a part of new Twitter, please click the link below.”

These are the glimpses from the email and are enough to understand why people are resigning, to top the fear in employees. Musk said that any employee who has yet to do so by 5:00 pm ET on Thursday would receive three months’ severance. 

Before working on Twitter, Rinearson worked as VP of Engineering at crypto firms, Interstellar and Chain; she also worked as an engineer for the website Medium, initially created as a longer form ad-free version of Twitter by co-founder Evan Williams.

Musk is known to take such decisions, and some even blame it because he was a privileged child as his father owned an emerald mine in Zambia. And coming from a rich family, he does not understand the problems of common people. Although this outlook has made him the richest man in the world, and as he is too passionate about everything he does, we all hope for a better future for Twitter 2.0.  



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