KPMG enters the Metaverse sensation: Alyse Sue joins Big-4 as Head of Metaverse Futures

  • KPMG followed the Big-4 steps and entered the metaverse race.
  • Feels the technology will create huge market demands in not so distant future.
  • Sue eyes for multi-million-dollar business by 2025.

The Metaverse craze is believed to be the future. While Mark Zuckerberg and others had spent billions of dollars on the technology, the Big-four have also entered the race. The newest development is with KPMG – the international professional service provider and a proud member of the Big-four, along with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

Recently KPMG Australia announced that they had appointed Alyse Sue as the head of Metaverse futures. The department will be dedicated to developing and implementing technologies surrounding Metaverse and Crypto to create a fresh business model for the company. She will design new enterprise fashions for the agency, largely based on the apparent “recreation altering” metaverse applied sciences.

Sue is rejoining KPMG; she had previously worked as a senior guide on corporate innovative staff from 2012-2015. And has an impressive background in software engineering and has experience in founding two web3 startups, Transhuman Coins and Futrdao. Alyse is enjoying her new position. She strongly believes that the industry is in a position where demands for such services and businesses eagerly examine the applications of these technologies.

“Businesses are looking for subject matter expertise to guide them in terms of how they can use the metaverse to discover new use cases or new revenue drivers for their businesses and how they can engage new target markets.”

According to KPMG’s futures head James Mabbot, the company has been getting “ever-increasing inquiries” regarding web3 and metaverse technologies. KPMG is very optimistic about the future of metaverse technologies, their impact on daily life, and the potential the technology has to offer revenue.

Sue states, “My objective is to build a multi-million-dollar business for KPMG by 2025. What exact figures mean is yet to be discovered, but we are looking to build a sustainable business by that time frame.”

Other big four members have already joined the Metaverse bandwagon; Ernst & Young announced on October 27 that they are introducing a metaverse functionality for their Wavespace group, allowing the customers to meet in Metaverse.

It is very appreciative of companies putting efforts into the proposed next-gen technology of Metaverse and web3. Our society has seen paradigm shifts in technological revolutions, from a landline phone being a luxury to a smartphone for every individual. Things seem pretty good for now, and as they say, the future technology has many more aspects yet to unfold.



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