Changpeng Zhao

Transfer of $1,147,113,571 BTC from an Unknown Wallet – Intelligence Firm eyes on Changpeng Zhao

An unknown Bitcoin holder moved his $1.14 billion worth of Bitcoin(BTC) to Binance, which is the world’s largest crypto exchange company by volume.

  • Approximately 68,200 BTC has been transferred at the time of writing 
  • Intelligence firm doubts the CEO, Changpeng Zhao
  • Coinbase also transferred 1,186 BTC worth $20 million to an unknown wallet

Whale Alert, a Whale-surveying network, an advanced blockchain and analytical tracker that can track meaningful transactions, found out on 18th November an unknown wallet transferred a large number of BItcoins, almost 68,200 worth of $1,146,271,741 at a transferred time into Binance.

Transfer of $1,147,113,571 BTC from an Unknown Wallet

What are Whales, and What do they do?

The people who own large amounts of crypto like Bitcoin and Ether are considered Whales. They can easily manipulate the market with their wealth because of the market principles of Demand and Supply. 

According to Bitcoinwiki, the top most noticeable Whales are ;

  • Pantera Capital
  • Bitcoins Reserve
  • Binary Financial
  • Coin Capital Partners
  • Falcon Global Capital
  • Fortress
  • Bitcoin Investment Trust
  • Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund

Ki Young Ju has Victim to doubt

Ki Young Ju, the CEO and Co-founder of a market intelligence firm CryptoQuant, explains the large amount of BTC transferred coins.    

Ki Young Ju presents a theory in which he said that the action represents the BTC holder in an “Urgent Situation,” and he also points to Chengpeng Zhao.

Ki Young Ju stated, “59,151 BTC just unpegged from BTCB and flowed into Binance. BTCB is the Bitcoin-pegged Token on the BNB chain. Since BTCB market cap decreased at the same time, it doesn’t seem to be post-settlement. Sell-side liquidity, in my opinion.


–If you’re CZ, why do you unpeg Bitcoins from the BNB chain? Your goal is to support projects on the BNB chain.

–No announcements from Binance mean it’s customer or investor’s money.

So I think this activity was highly likely from customer(s) who are in urgent situations.”


Whale Alert found that an unknown wallet has transferred 68,200 bitcoins in Binance. Still, Whale Alerts also provided the details about the other transactions, such as Coinbase, which has transferred almost 1,186 BTC worth about $20 million to an unknown wallet, 2,056 BTC worth $35 million transferred from an unknown wallet to Coinbase, and 19,035 BTC of worth $318 million has been transferred from an unknown wallet to unknown wallet. 

These three transactions might be linked.