Cryptocurrencies On The Rise BudBlockz, Chain and OBK

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a great way of gaining exposure to the digital currency market while also making profits. However, to make significant profits and avoid losing your money, it is vital that you carefully vet any crypto coins you are interested in before committing.

To help you through the steps, we have picked out three cryptocurrencies you should consider investing in as they are currently on the rise.


Although BudBlockz is yet to launch officially, it has been making waves in both the cryptocurrency and cannabis industries. BudBlockz is the first digital peer-to-peer cannabis eCommerce and investment platform. 

The BudBlockz ecosystem is an innovative platform that brings together different stakeholders in the cannabis industry while allowing cannabis enthusiasts to invest and trade in cannabis products and dispensaries globally.

Since BudBlockz is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is a secure and transparent platform that allows people to buy and sell cannabis products safely and privately. 

BudBlockz uses NFT technology to verify potential members of the ecosystem and only grants licenses to users who participate safely in the ecosystem. 

Besides the global eCommerce platform, NFTs, and an NFT platform, BudBlockz also offers its members information on the latest happenings in the cannabis sector. It ensures that BudBlockz members can easily find their way around cannabis markets, and they have a full understanding of legislation and legalization of cannabis in different jurisdictions. 

BudBlockz also provides solutions for cannabis-based businesses that face complications in the supply chain. BudBlockz solutions help with seed-to-sale tracking, fundraising, and logistics. 

$BLUNT is the main token of the BudBlockz ecosystem. The cryptocurrency has been on a steady rise since the presale started and has so far shown more than 160% gains.  It is a cryptocurrency project worth investing in if you want to make quick future profits.


Chain (XCN) is a cryptocurrency launched to be used as a governance token on the Chain protocol. The token is used to vote on community-driven projects on the chain protocol and protocol improvements.

In addition to governance, Chain holders can stake their coins to provide liquidity on the Chain protocol. In return, they get rewards and priority access to products on the chain ecosystem, including software products. Chain tokens are also used as a payment method on the chain protocol.


OKB is the native cryptocurrency of the OKX platform. OKX is a crypto exchange platform launched by the OK blockchain in 2017. The platform offers several financial services, including spots, margin trading, futures and options, De-Fi lending, swapping, and mining services.

OKX uses blockchain technology to eliminate two major financial system problems: financial barriers and security.

The OKB token is an ERC-20 token that allows investors to access special discounts on the OKX platform while also making passive income.

Final Word

BudBlockz, Chain, and OBK are great projects and crypto coins you should look into as you plan to add more coins to your investment portfolio in the coming months. All three coins will be a great addition to your portfolio, and judging by their performance in recent months, you are likely to make profits in the coming years if you purchase one.

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