Crypto Winter

Institutional Investor Treating Crypto Winter as a Winter Sale 

Investors are buying cryptocurrencies in a crypto winter; Institutional Investors may have seen a good opportunity for future benefits, according to the survey. It has been found in the survey of Institutional Investors that the allocation of cryptocurrency has increased from last year during the industry facing the crypto winter. 

Institutional Investors Survey 

A ‘2022 Institutional Investor Digital Assets Outlook Survey’ was conducted between September 21 and October 27 this year by Institutional Investor Custom Research Lab, sponsored by Coinbase.   

This survey was conducted to study how US institutional decision-makers work with digital assets.Total 140 Institutional Investors participated in the survey and detailed that about $2.6 trillion of assets are under management. 

Survey’s Observation 

There have been a lot of questions regarding crypto winter, how Institutional Investors will treat crypto winter or what it is meant to them. In a survey, it was found that Institutional Investors have a long-term perspective concerning crypto winter.  

It was studied in a survey that 62% of investors invest in crypto, and in the past 12 months, the investors’ allocations increased. According to the evidence, Institutional Investors are looking forward to buying crypto assets.

Survey's Observation
Source: 2022 Institutional Investor Digital Assets Outlook Survey 

As well as, 58% of the investors expect their allocation to increase in the next 3 years. Most investors are looking forward on buy-and-hold logic.

Among 140 Institutional investors, all are working on different login and mindsets. A question arises about the price value expectation of Institutional Investors for the next 12 months. All of them have suggested it according to their logic and study. 

Survey's Observation
Source: 2022 Institutional Investor Digital Assets Outlook Survey

In the survey, many of the questions had different perspectives answers. Still, some of the questions had the majority of the same answer among all the Institutional Investors’ points of view. 71% of Institutional investors share their views on whether the crypto value will increase in a long period. 45.7%  agreed that crypto value would increase, 25% disagreed, and 29.3% haven’t shared their answer. 

According to the coinbase perspective, Brett Tejpaul, Vice President of Institutional, stated, “This study’s findings are consistent with our conversations: institutions continue to take a long-term view on the adoption of crypto as an asset class, with a belief in crypto’s ability to disrupt financial services. A short-term bout of volatility is not going to dissuade them.”



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