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America has lost faith in Bitcoin: American turns Bearish on Bitcoin 

United States adults predict that the price of Bitcoin(BTC) will be over $11,000 within the next six months, according to the recent survey held by Morning Consults, ‘What Consumers Think About the Future of Bitcoin.’ 

  • Crypto owners are showing more hope than the local audience. 
  • 16% of the general population believes crypto will not survive until the next decade. 

What’s the survey says!!!

Price up and down is the basic nature of the crypto ecosystem. Experience and an Intelligent mind work according to the potential of the situation. According to the study from the survey, the survey says that after the market turmoil (FTX and Alamada drama), most traders and investors turned bearish on Bitcoin.

In a survey, Crypto owners show their hopes that the price of bitcoin will increase from its current price at the time of writing ($16,491.02).in the next six months around $17,500. 

Respondents’ predictions of the price of bitcoin in six months

source : Morning Consults

The survey started fieldwork from November 15 to November 17 after the FTX fallout. The crypto owners are showing more positivity toward Bitcoin than the local audience. 

74% of Crypto owners believe that crypto will survive the next decade, and 14% have no hope of it. 

According to the survey, crypto owners’ price expectation is generally higher than the general population, and BTC is nearly close to crossing the expected price of $17500. 

The price of Bitcoin dropped 76.00% from its all-time high peak price of $67,549.74, according to coinmarketcap. 

Source: Coinmarketcap 

The survey mentioned,” In general, U.S. consumers are only slightly less likely to purchase crypto now than before the FTX news broke. Just over one-fifth (21%) of U.S. adults said they’re likely to purchase cryptocurrency in the next month, compared with 25% in October (just before the FTX collapse) and 26% in January.”

Crypto owners are sticking to their decision to buy crypto. It has been mentioned that crypto owners are not scared of buying crypto instead of ‘crypto winter. Crypto owners and the general public suggested that the crypto industry needs government regulation. Many of the regulatory authorities and lawmakers had paid attention to it. 

Treasury Secretary Jennet Yellen also raised concerns about the recent market turmoil, FTX fallout and the Terra Luna meltdown. 


A survey says most US adults lost faith in Bitcoin, but many other surveys show other opinions and login when the bitcoin price drops. A survey of Institutional Investors shows investors’ opinions and views on crypto winter. 

Many investors found future potential in buying cryptocurrency in the ‘crypto winter’.