Independent developers of TON developed a Bot: TON shows its alliance with the Blockchain community. 

Independent developers for the Open source Community build a bot. Users can use a bot to transact cryptocurrency and trading. 

The Updated Features 

TON has recently updated its feature; Telegram users can easily sell and purchase cryptocurrency in the telegram app. The Telegram team made TON Telegram Open Network. It is a blockchain-based decentralized computer network technology. 

Earlier, TON allowed users to buy, sell and trade Toncoin (TON) on the Telegram app, but now the Telegram app comes with an updated bot wallet that performs most of all cryptocurrency action.

A spokesperson from TON spoke with Cointelegraph, “The creation of the wallet bot is handled by an independent development team, and we are certainly happy that more and more projects are choosing TON as the basis for creating new products.”

And he also added, “ TON is intended for millions of users, and one of our goals is to make the use of blockchain no more complicated than using applications that users are used to.” Users need to register with an open network to process crypto transactions on Telegrams. 

The bot wallet supports fiat currencies for buying and selling crypto: USD, euros, Ukrainian hryvnia, Belarusian rubles and Kazakhstani tenge.

Telegram does not demand any charge for buying any crypto, but sellers have to pay an equivalent charge of 0.9% of the selling price of each complete transaction. Telegram only allows Bitcoin and Toncoin to trade on their platform. Meanwhile, TON is planning to add more cryptocurrencies to its platform.   

Telegram has made the transaction easy; users can transfer coins directly to the Telegram handle instead of the address. The TON representative mentioned the feature saying, “The @wallet bot team is making great strides in this direction, as you can now buy, exchange, and send Toncoin to your contacts without leaving Telegram. There is no need for long addresses or special applications. We think that the future lies in projects like this.”

Here is the summary of TON 

A well-known encrypted, centralized, cloud-based messaging platform, Telegram Messengers is known for its features globally. Telegram was first introduced to the world in 2013 for ios users, and Telegram became the most popular messaging application till 2021, also competing with the biggest messaging platform, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov was interviewed by Bloomberg in 2017 and announced that Telegram would launch a monetized system in early 2018. Techcrunch, an American newspaper, mentioned that Telegram had launched a blockchain-based project called TON ‘Telegram Open Network’ or ‘The Open Network.’



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