BTSE, the sleeping giant of the crypto exchange world

  • The British Virgin Island-based crypto exchange packs some unique features that could make it big. 
  • Combined order book and Advanced order matching tools work in favor of BTSE.
  • ‘Perfect Storm Event’ is required to kick start the market.

Ever since FTX collapsed, the need for a better and more secure exchange has multiplied. General investors have lost trust, and the ever-rising list of contagion victims is troublesome. BTSE might be the answer to this situation.

BTSE is a cryptocurrency exchange located in the British Virgin Islands, North America. Their combined order book and B2B exchange services offer a newer perspective. 

In an episode of Stalecast, Akiba spoke with BTSE CEO Henry Liu. They discussed liquidity issues, crypto markets, and possible catalysts required for a bullish market. Although the interview was recorded before the FTX implosion, it still offers insight.

BTSE is an offbeat exchange with a combined order book across trading pairs to assist with improved security and liquidity. They also provide B2B services for other smaller exchanges to support liquidity and technical infrastructure. 

The major perk of a combined order book is that it removes the vulnerability, at the same time improving the traders to trade in local currencies. At the same time, the advanced order matching tool like the one used in BTSE allows for better and more transparent visibility of assets held on the exchange. A sort of Proof-of-Reserve, if you will.

A ‘perfect storm event’ will act as a catalyst for a bull run.

During the interview, when asked about the possible catalysts that could trigger a bull run for the crypto industry. Henry highlighted the dire requirement for policy changes. Further reduction in inflation would seriously help the cause. Establishing proper and viable interest rates will be helpful. All this could help the liquidity crunch the market has been facing lately. 

He argued about a ‘perfect storm event’ which is required to kick start the crypto industry. Basically, a chain of highly influential events that would initially churn the market but eventually be responsible for triggering a bull run.

Upcoming Bitcoin halving event. 

Henry commented that the upcoming halving event of Bitcoin, which is expected in 2024. It will be a wake-up call for some people. And its impact will be visible only after the scarcity of the coin truly materialize. 

Liu hopes that Bitcoin should disassociate itself from the traditional market before the next halving event. This would allow for more exciting trades within the cryptocurrency as the entity will now be more unique than ever. 

Henry also feels that Ethereum has all the required ingredients for it to be really successful in the future. And he is very excited to see whether it can position itself to lead the industry. This will be a sight to behold. 

“The Ethereum developer talent pool is the best in the space – you could not have asked for more.”