History is repeating: GameStop started the second round by laying off its staff.

GameStop, an American video game company, has organized another round to lay off its workforce Today. Axios reported, “the team building GameStop’s blockchain wallet was heavily impacted.” 

  • According to Axios, 6 software engineer claims to be departed

Collected leads on layoff —

Axios reported first about the GameStop layoff, but Axios said he could not confirm the layoff count. 

GameStop’s Leading Software Engineer, Daniel William, posted on Linkedin about the layoff from GameStop and mentioned, “Another big round of layoffs from GameStop currently in progress… E-commerce Product and Engineers, Lots of them.”


And as well as Brandon Jenniges, another engineer at GameStop, posted, “Unfortunately, I was impacted by layoffs at GameStop Today. I had a great time getting a deep dive into Ethereum and learning about many new things in the crypto space.”

A senior reporter of gaming publication Kotaku, Ethan Gach, mentioned in his tweet that CEO of GameStop Matt Furlong confirmed his staff about the layoff by mail.

Why repeating History —

On July 7, 2022, GameStop fired its Chief Financial Officer, Mike Recupero and reduced its staff which is part of the aggressive decision of the company.

 A person familiar with the whole matter told CNBC that Mike had joined the company about a year ago and was “fired because he was not the right culture fit,” The person said he was pushed out by the Chairman of GameStop, Ryan Cohen. 

Diana Jajeh, GameStop’s Chief Accounting Officer, was appointed in place of Mike Recupero and offered an annual salary of $200,000.


GameStop has already reduced its workforce on July 7 this year. But why the company is repeating the same thing was not mentioned yet. 

Gamestop did not respond to Axios and as well as decrypt comments. The company hasn’t commented on this and why it is doing it with particular employees related to similar projects.

The mystery remains unsolved yet at the time of writing.