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Ukrainian Tailor’s Shop: an Illegal Crypto Mining Farm

A tailor’s shop in Kovel, Ukraine, was revealed as the base for illegal crypto-mining work. The creator of this illegal plan has connected their servers to the local grid and stole electricity to continue their operation. 

According to the Kovel Media report, the operation operated in a city in the Volyn Oblast of northwestern Ukraine. Meanwhile, during the police inspection last year in December of the shop, police detected “an illegal connection to a transformer.” The transformer can consume untraceable electricity. 

As per the court’s order in the city, the owner of the shop Alla Dieneka, had paid penalties of over $11,500 to Volenoblenergo, the city’s electricity provider. She has also paid court fees of nearly $200. 

How the mission operated —

City officers reported to the court and shared how they traced how the shop owner functioned in their operation. Officers stated that the shop’s owner was able to outbreak the “voltage circuit” of the transformer by knocking down the plexiglass cover and disconnecting the series of wires of the unit.

Crypto news said, “They then connected the shop’s electrical units to the grid – thus bypassing the store’s own meter. This allowed them to draw power directly from the local network.”

In the crime, a group of 51 people is included to accomplish the crime. The court heard about the whole equipment set up in the tailor’s shop. The shop has several sections with internet-connected devices and other devices that convert electrical energy into cryptocurrency.

Dieneka has a sentence to be found guilty of the charges by court order and has the legal right to verdict. 

The Ukrainian government, after this incident, intends to create an effective system of regulation for the sector. They have also tried to use crypto as fundraising equipment for its military struggle with Russia.