Sen. Jon Tester found no reason why cryptocurrency should exist

Senator of the United States, Raymond Jon Tester, arrives in an interview on Sunday, arguing on the matter; there is no relevant reason for the existence of cryptocurrency. 

Raymond Jon Tester was an American farmer and politician. He has been a senior United States senator from Montana since 2007. 

The interviews conversation

Sunday, December 11— NBC’s Meet the Press interview was held with Raymond Jon Tester and talked about “Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s (I-Ariz.) decision to leave the Democratic Party, Democrats’ popularity among rural voters and the debt ceiling.”

The interviewer raises the question about cryptocurrencies. He asked Jon government should ban cryptocurrency or regulate it. He stated that he is neither a regulator nor a financier, but he doesn’t know why this stuff exists.

Jon Tester replied, “I have not been able to find anybody who’s been able to explain to me what’s there other than synthetics […] which means nothing.”

Other than these statements, another thing that troubles Tester: is that to acquire the outcome of regulating the crypto industry and its several components; it may provide a form of legitimization. 

“The problem is that if we regulate it – and I pointed this out to some of the regulators here a week or two ago – if we regulate it, it may give it the ability of people to think it’s real,” the Senator added.

This above statement may answer the question- Should crypto be banned or regulated?

Many people support regulating cryptocurrency, and many voted for the complete banning of cryptocurrency. Raymond Jon Tester has faced the criticism that it looked like he believed something shouldn’t exist just because he doesn’t understand the program’s functionality.

On December 2, While discussing the cryptocurrency at Semafor, Testor said, “It’s all bullshit.” In the discussion he has mentioned that he is not very fond of cryptocurrency even before the collapse of FTX. “I don’t think it passes the smell test. I can’t figure out what supports it, “ he added.