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Rate That Crypto (RTC) And Kusama (KSM) Are the Best Cryptos to Add to Your Portfolio!!

There are a lot of options out there. But unfortunately, it can take a lot of work to find good cryptos to add to your portfolio. Especially when many altcoins are doing similar things or have plans so vast it will take many years for them to be fully conceptualized.

To make matters worse, the crypto market is constantly changing. Investors’ interests and infrastructure change; a token can be top-rated one day and disappear the next.

There are high hopes that the coming trading year will bring about the advent of a new bull market rally. Experts have also highlighted specific cryptos you should add to your portfolio for you to be among the top gainers in this market condition; Rate That Crypto (RTC) and Kusama (KSM). 

The projects above represent the best cryptos to buy, thanks to their mainstream appeal and potential for value increases.

Let us dive in, and explore each of these cryptocurrencies individually so that you can understand why they are considered prize assets.

Kusama (KSM)

Kusama (KSM) is a public pre-production environment for Polkadot that runs on the Polkadot blockchain. Kusama functions as a sandbox that allows developers to test early versions of Polkadot projects in a live, realistic environment.

Since Kusama acts as a “Canary Network,” it is a crucial component of the DOT ecosystem. It allows for significant updates and code releases to be tested and vetted before being released to the public on Polkadot.

The network’s native token, KSM, is not an ERC20 token, as Kusama uses its blockchain technology to manage the network.

Its token can be used for lots of things, including governance of the network, staking for the operation of the network, bonding to connect a chain to Kusama as a parachain, and to serve as a utility token for users on the Kusama network.

Many experts and traders believe that Kusama has been an excellent investment for a long time. Surprisingly, the value is increasing. Therefore, it is a guarantee that the investment will yield a good return.

Rate That Crypto (RTC)

Among the different cryptocurrencies available, Rate That Crypto is considered by top experts as one of the best cryptos to add to your portfolio. Rate That Crypto is an enticing game where players earn cryptos by accurately predicting the price direction of their chosen tokens.

Players stake points to predict bullish or bearish over a certain period. Players whose predictions are correct earn more points, while those with incorrect predictions lose their staked points. The aim is to rank up the leaderboard to earn the platform’s native token, RTC, and NFTs.

Apart from playing games, Rate That Crypto was designed to be fun and educational, helping users discover and learn about various crypto projects.

Many crypto experts predicted that Rate That Crypto would be the best crypto to invest in for 2023, as its value is expected to boost by 1,000% after it was listed on major exchanges. Anyone who invests in Rate That Crypto (RTC) now can get the maximum future earnings. 

The platform is currently running the token’s presale, allowing investors to get RTC tokens for less money. Investing in the token gives you a fair advantage to make profit when it launches.

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