Is it Marvel or Metaverse: Capgemini report says, More than 90% of consumers are curious about the Metaverse

In the crypto market, too many events captured the peace of crypto users and crypto-related service providers, but these turmoils haven’t stopped Metaverse from gaining customers’ interest.  

Due to the following turmoil, such as FTX Fallout and Terra Luna collapse, users have lost faith in the crypto markets and exchange firms, but the trust and potential of the Metaverse remain the same in the minds of the users. 

According to the report of Dec 8 from the Capgemini Research Institute, a total of 77% of customers believe that the immersive experience will impact interaction with the brand, people and service. Seven out of ten organizations think the immersive experience will act as a most important differentiator in markets regarding customer experience.

Three-quarters of customers shared their view on Metaverse, saying that they are currently using it and will continue to use it. 

The Capgemini Research Institute Inspected 1,000 organizations and 8,000 consumers in 12 countries to figure out what potential consumers and organizations look for in these immersive and Metaverse experiences, whether provided through headsets or mobile/web browsers etc.

The outcome of the reports finds that the ‘metaverse’ based on blockchain technology is still developing. People haven’t realized the potential of the Metaverse and how many broad opportunities the Metaverse is bringing to us. 

“We’re starting to see a more thoughtful and nuanced approach to designing immersive experiences, and the metaverse specifically,” Global Immersive Experiences Offer Leader at Capgemini, Charlton Monsanto, comments. 

The data from the report shows that 93% of customers said that they are more curious about the Metaverse, and 51% said when Metaverse becomes more accessible, then they will use it. 

Charlton Monsanto added, “The potential of the metaverse is transformative and consumer curiosity remains high.”

According to the report, 66% of organizations have a 1–2-year guideline for immersive experiences, and 15% of organizations’ motive is to have metaverse availability in one year. Meanwhile, 45% think it will generally be established within 3 years.