HedgeUp is all set to transform the Alternative Investment Market and the crypto sphere.

Within the crypto sphere, HedgeUp is a newly birthed Alternative Investment Platform aiming to reroute investor attention toward high-yielding alternative products.

USA- The average investor wishes for portfolio diversification, negligible risks, and improvised return on investment. Since the crypto industry is highly volatile, it is thus far from offering these advantages. There is a dire need for a platform that caters to these needs of individuals. HedgeUp is the ultimate firm that is the first to lay the foundations of an Alternative Investment Market (AIM) within the cryptocurrency sphere.

A Quick Glance At HedgeUp:

HedgeUp is the first-of-its-kind platform that provides a chance to invest in alternative products. Like wine, diamonds, aviation, gold, fine art, and luxury watches to captivate the interest of investors and hefty secure investments. By providing an entirely separate platform for out-of-focus products, HedgeUp is revolutionizing the crypto market.

Transfiguring The Crypto World:

Mega startups in the alternative investment sector are facilitated into the market by striking mutually beneficial deals with HedgeUp. Deals are negotiated by a team of highly accomplished individuals with more than 30 years of experience working in the alternative investment market. These deals not only help uplift the startups by amassing huge investments but also provide a chance for investors looking for high-yielding projects to put money in. 

Traditionally individuals willing to purchase NFTs had to buy the entire NFT. With the arrival of HedgeUp, this is no longer the case. The firm provides the sublime opportunity of a fractional NFT purchase, allowing small-scale investors to make the most of their minimal investments. Investors can choose between investing individually in one of the asset classes or chipping money into the basket collection via the investment platform.

Countless Advantages Linked With HedgeUp:

Investors can always expect a great out-turn of above 28% per annum when investing with HedgeUp. The basket product guarantees a yield of 28-36%. Moreover, the firm aspires to raise awareness amongst those who have just stepped foot into the alternative investment market. To achieve this end, it employs the services of individuals with 30+ years in the Alternative Investment market. Furthermore, the firm has signed contracts with a bank allowing users to convert fiat into crypto and vice versa easily. It also offers excellent staking rewards for its users. Plus, all activities on the platform are overlooked by the HedgeUp DAO. This decentralized structure will ensure 100% transparency in all dealings.


The native governing $HDUP token of HedgeUp has a total circulating supply of 999,000,000, 35% of which has been allotted to presale. HedgeUp imposes no tax on purchases while having a 5% tax on all sales. 2% of the sales tax is used for marketing, 2% for the LP admission fee, and 1% for token redistribution.

Conclusion: HedgeUp is a firm that has entered the crypto sphere with an exhilarating roadmap, thriving Tokenomics an adept team. All these brought together will undoubtedly enable the firm to reach new highs! 

For more information on Hedge UP click the links below:

Website – https://hedgeup.io

Telegram – https://t.me/HedgeUpOfficial

Twitter – https://twitter.com/HedgeUpOfficial

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/HedgeUpOfficial

Tiktok  – http://www.tiktok.com/@hedgeupofficial

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