Australia becomes 4th largest crypto ATM hub

Australia becomes 4th largest crypto ATM hub

  • Australia becomes 4th largest crypto ATMs hub worldwide.
  • In final quarter of 2022, Australia deployed 99 crypto ATMs.

Australia installed 216 cryptocurrency ATMs as we enter the year 2023. overtaken El Salvador, the first country to adopt and legalize bitcoin. Pushing the Central American nation to the lower position on the list.

In September 2021, Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, decided to deploy around 200 new crypto ATMs nationwide. With that highly influential step of El Salvador in the crypto market globally, it becomes the third largest crypto ATM hub below US and Canada.

El Salvador’s fourth largest crypto ATM hub position was temporary — as Australia stepped up in the game over the following months.

As per the report, On October 2022, Spain had 215 installing crypto ATM hubs—making it the third largest crypto ATM hub. However, At the time of writing, Spain continues installing crypto ATMs for the betterment of the country, with the current number being 226. And from the present situation, Spain is set off to be the fourth largest crypto ATM hub.

According to the news report site, in the last three months, Australia deployed 99 crypto ATMs. Australia has 7 more than El Salvador, with 219 active crypto ATMs recorded as of 1 January 2023.

Australia deployed 99 crypto ATMs


There are total 38,602 of cryptocurrency ATMs across the world, with the number 6,071 of those machines coming online in 2022 alone, where Australia itself shares 0.6% of the crypto ATM market worldwide.

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