Korak Ray will Teach the Subject of Bitcoin in One of the Largest United States Colleges.    

Now the engineering and Mays Business School students are about to learn Bitcoin protocols with Texas A&M in their college from January 17 onwards, when the spring semester takes off. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency learning courses will add to the United States colleges and offer more than 74,000 students in the initiative. 

Subject Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency 

On January 13, 2023, Korok Ray, an Associate Professor of Mays Business School of Texas A&M University, announced that he would be educating the College of Engineering and Mays Business School students about the “Bitcoin Protocol” at the start of the spring semester. In his January 13 tweet, he mentioned, “I will be teaching the first ever Bitcoin class at Texas A&M this spring!”

Mr. Ray is an Associate Professor at Mays Business School of Texas A&M University as well as the Director of the Mays Innovation Research Center.

He graduated from the University of Chicago and earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University. According to Texas A&M University, he is a labor economist who researches the Future of work. 

The professor described it on Twitter threads. He stated that he would follow the Bitcoin programming course of Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin expert and an open-source coder, in his lectures. Additionally, with the help of these courses, students will learn to “build a Bitcoin library from scratch.”

Meanwhile, Korok Ray also revealed that for a few months, he has been trying to get approval for his “Bitcoin Programming” lectures from Texas A&M University and finally got the chance to teach the students about cryptocurrency. 

Crypto knowledge among Gen Z is the key to skyrocketing adoption. Meanwhile, crypto literacy acted as a big hurdle in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. 

According to the local news media, a crypto researcher, Josh Cowell, suggested earlier the obstacle in mass adoption and stated that financial literacy is the key to removing this obstacle if someone does it correctly and honestly. 

It isn’t clarified how many students signed up for the course at the time of writing. As per local news reports, Boston Law School will offer a crypto regulation course for interested students.