California Cannabis Nursery Adopts Blockchain to Provide Top Shelf 

  • Mendocino customers will qualify for EMTRI token rewards after purchasing.
  • The First certified batch of cannabis will be available in the first week of February 2023. 
  • Users can convert EMTRI tokens into USDC with the help of Uniswap Decentralized Exchange. 

A California-based cannabis nursery now uses smart contracts and blockchain technology to track a medicinal plant’s authenticity and genetics. The major problem of weed heads finding the good stuff is solved. 

Let’s begin the trip 

Mendocino Clone Company (MCC), a well-known producer of cannabis in California, announced on January 13, 2023, its partnership with EMTRI projects, a leading cannabis supply chain community and tech partner, Global Compliance Application Corp.

Mendocino has adopted smart contract and blockchain technology which is used to certify the batch of clones by tracking their genetics and the authenticity of their mother plant. The term clone refers to the baby plants with the same genetics as their parent (mother plants), coined by EMTRI founding member Eric Kennedy.

Additionally, this initiative allows the nursery to “document the beginning stages of a cannabis plant’s journey to becoming a premium product for consumers based on the gram weight it flowers,” it stated. 

Each certified clone batch with batch certificate contains a self-generated smart contract. The smart contracts provide every individual its unique quality of block originating by the nursery and linked to the Ethereum-based blockchain, as per local media news reports. 

This whole concept makes the process of selecting high-quality cannabis easy for cultivators and breeders who intend to produce high-quality marijuana for their customers. According to Mendocino, the first certified batch of clones will be available in the first week of February 2023.

“At Mendocino Clone Company, we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve the quality of our products,” said Jed Davis, CEO of MCC. “We believe that by joining the EMTRI decentralized community, we can provide an additional level of transparency and trust for our customers.”

Mendocino clients who own commercial farms and medical dispensaries can use this concept to get a suitable plant for their business. 

Benefits after purchasing through Mendocino 

Consumers who purchase cannabis through MCC will be automatically eligible for EMTRI token rewards and will offer a higher rate for participating in the blockchain. Customers who have earned EMTRI tokens can use Uniswap Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to convert their tokens into US Digital Coins. 

As an outcome, it will work as an extra source of income for Mendocino customers. 



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