FTX Fallout: Airlines, Charities, and Tech Giants Tumble in Collapse

  • The firm’s lawyer revealed the list of now-defunct FTX’s creditors in a 115-page document.
  • The documents show that FTX owed money to leading global giants as well as local businesses.

There is hardly any crypto enthusiast who does not know about the FTX crash, considered the biggest crash in the crypto space. Last year, the world’s third largest exchange FTX fell down and filed for bankruptcy under chapter 11 protection. It has become a talking point for every crypto news outlet since the date of filing for bankruptcy.

A recent report about the collapse of FTX revealed all of the now-defunct FTX’s creditors. Reportedly, on January 25, FTX’s attorneys filed their creditor matrix with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. The report shows the full list of creditors owed money by the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX.

The more than 100-page documents detail the money owed to each entity FTX, including giant tech companies from their headquarters to local businesses. However, the names of 9,693,985) FTX customers whose funds were stuck on the exchange were redacted from the document.

The 115-page huge document exposes the spreading web of companies from venture capital firms, banks, hotels, airlines, charities, crypto companies, media outlets, and the United States and international government agencies all owed money by the now-busted FTX change.

Huge tech companies operating worldwide, which need no introduction for the impressive work they have done in the world of technology, are also on the list of creditors of FTX. Companies such as Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Meta, Amazon, Netflix, and many more are owed money following the closure of the FTX exchange.

According to the filed document, well-known crypto and Web-3 related firms such as Epoch Labs, Galaxy Digital, Circle, Chain Analysis, Messari, Coinbase and so on appear as FTX creditors. World-renowned news outlets such as The New York Times, CoinDesk and The Wall Street Journal are also mentioned in the list of FTX’s creditors.

Moving ahead, several United States agencies and the federal Internal Revenue Services (IRS) were also listed as creditors of beleaguered FTX, including Kansas Corporate Tax Kansas Department of Revenue, Miami Tax Collector’s Office, Maryland Dept. of Assessment and Taxation, Hawaii Department of Taxation and many others. Other government entities of countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and others are on the creditor’s list. 

The bankrupt FTX is not only owed to larger entities but also to local businesses as well. A pest control business based in Nassau and a garden center were mentioned in the FTX’s creditors document.  

The list of creditors of the collapsed FTX exchange was verified by Edgar W. Mosley II, Managing Director of Alvarez & Marsal North America, LLC, financial advisor to the debtors. He clarified that the attached list of creditors in the filed document is true and correct to the best of his knowledge.