Web 3.0 influencing Health: The STepN-GMT App!

The concept of NFT is much older than the time it became popular. But once it has, coders and stakeholders have started to benefit a lot. The effect of NFTs on the creator market is huge.

Non-Fungible-Tokens are anything digital that is one of a kind. The character of each token being unique or scarce in quantity makes it valuable, sometimes insanely valuable!

STEPN became the first app to combine NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics.
Using sneaker-NFTs to encourage, the app uses Proof of Movement along with a live GPS.

STEPN(GMT) has become one of those companies to associate WEB 3 with daily lifestyle, showing how much the world wide web will surround us in the future. Coming under the Satellite Telecommunication Experiment Project, the concept is enlightening since it associates moving with money. Imagine! an NFT invigorating the stakeholder in physical movement!!

Cold hard cash has always been a man’s most dominating influence. STEPN-GMT is a blockchain project built on Solana that merges P2E ( play to earn ) with Augmented Reality (AR). It tracks the token owner’s real-world exercises. The award gets credited to the user as STEPN cryptocurrency.


The economic model of STEPN lies on two tokens, The Green Satoshi Token(GST) and The Green Metaverse Token(GMT).
Used as a utility token with an unlimited supply, GST pays out in-app rewards and burns out during minting, upgrading, and repairing the shoe.

The Green Metaverse Token(GMT) is the primary store value of the users. These are rewards for users passing specific levels and provide the holders voting rights. Besides GMT, Solana’s native token, SOL is the price for the sneaker-NFTs of the company.

STEPN’S GMT is currently trading at $0.607744 and had a trading volume of 84.40 M in the last 24 hours. Having a circulatory supply of 600.00 M, GMT has increased by +16.38% in the last 24 hours and ranks 53 by market capitalization. GMT has an estimated maximum supply of 6.00 billion GMT coins.

Finish line:

It is no wonder that StepN holds a bright future in the coming era of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology as it has associated itself with a human’s daily necessity.

It encourages the user to do physical activities by rewarding them for jogging, walking, and running outdoors. In an era where people end up glued to their computer screens and mobile phones, app is useful and can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

With Game-Fi, the app lets users equip their sneaker NFTs to function on a move-and-earn concept. The tokens owned are either cashed out for profit or used for in-game upgrades.