Biggest Global Tech Experts Speak at TMRW Dubai

The TMRW conference fueled by 2142 will make its debut in Dubai from the 8th to the 10th of February 2023 at the Dubai Festival City.

The world’s largest happening tech-event aims to bring the newest trends to the Middle East. This three-day exciting event will bring many trends from the upcoming geared tech industries such as Metaverse, NFTs, and crypto.

The world’s greatest crypto and NFT thinkers, according to the organizers, will gather at Dubai Festival City on February 8-10 to discuss all aspects of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the future of digital money. 

The speaker lineup will present 80 world- famed experts who’ll be giving lectures and keynotes, and sharing in panel conversations, interactive shops, and domicile exchanges. Away from the curated day program, the conference will organize networking events and personality feasts, while the event will stream online as well.

The program will include colorful aspects of the future of cryptocurrencies similar to increased relinquishment, regulation, decentralization, and invention. The “ rule of law ” will be bandied as one of the legal counteraccusations of blockchain technology, alongside regulated DeFi( RDeFi). The instigative world of NFTs will present through its new eventuality, where NFT serviceability will emphasize alongside its accepted collectibility.

An Introduction to the Tech Experts:

TMRW Dubai’s star-speckled speaker lineup brings the global assiduity heavyweights, like Craig Sellars. Author of Tether, alongside Caner Sevinc, Wirex’s Regulatory Counsel, who is in charge of Wirex’s global nonsupervisory affairs, and Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, Strategic Advisor at Digital Dubai, was listed by a source as one of the top 100 most significant people in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in 2022.

Next over are Joel Dietz, CEO of MetaMetaverse, Mark van Rijmenam, more known as The Digital Speaker, Dr. Michael Gebert, president of the European Blockchain Association, Konstantinos Adamos, elderly legal counsel at Revolut; and Dr. Naveen Singh, the CEO of Inery.

They will be accompanied by Anita Kalergis, “KryptoGranny,”  CEO & Author of Ipsum Consulting, Nik Kalyani, author of NftyDreams DAO, Taylor Ryan, author of Layer Three Gambles; David Bundi, partner and metaverse strategy and regulatory leader at EY Switzerland; Anndy Lian, an each- rounded business strategist and periodic blockchain entrepreneur from Asia; Loretta Joseph, global nonsupervisory counsel at AP Capital, Jenny Zheng from Bybit; and many others.

The TMRW Conference:

The TMRW conference is a 3- day metaverse, crypto, and NFT conference in Dubai that brings together 40,000 in-person and online attendees and 80 speakers to concentrate on the most intriguing trends in blockchain and crypto. 

According to the organizers, the world’s top crypto and NFT thinkers will convene at Dubai Festival City on February 8-10 to discuss all elements of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and learn more about the future of digital money.

Their goal is to discover approximately 1500 established Middle Eastern organizations by the end of 2022.

Crypto Oasis Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Dubai that aims to develop the ecosystem and advance blockchain-related companies in the Middle East and beyond.



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