SOLDAIT Launches a Revolutionary Payment Gateway system

  • SOLDAIT believes that this payment system will help users to transfer funds safely and securely.
  • The ecosystem provides access to multiple payment networks.
  • 350,000,000 soldait token is in the market for sale. 

Recently revolutionary payment gateway SOLDAIT proudly announced its official launch to provide customers with safe and easy way payment solutions that merge the advantage of blockchain technology with smart contracts. 

SOLDAIT is built as an under-one-roof shop for all payment needs, combining a payment gateway (Soldait Pay), a decentralized exchange (Soldaitswap), a multi-wallet, and a pillar for several vendors, as well as smartphone apps, crypto exchanges, and a store.

With the Use of the SOLDAIT payment system, users can transfer funds and make payments in a fast and safe way. The platform is designed in such a way that it becomes very easy for users to control their digital assets with the help of their smartphones. The company aims to create a seamless and easy payment option that can be easily used by anyone who is not even tech-savvy.

Why choose SOLDAIT?

  • The ecosystem provides access to numerous payment networks.
  •  Short operational and liquidity prices.
  • Real-time traceability of funds transferring. 
  • Immediate on-demand settlement.


A soldait token is a smart contract that authorizes and strengthens the payment system. It increases efficiency, decreases money transfer fees and immediately sends or receives cross-border payments. 

As reported, the token went up for sale on November 28, 2021, with the platform issuing 350,000,000 tokens for sale. 

Distribution of tokens:

  • Private sales- 35,000,000
  • Public sale IDO (Initial DEX Offering)- 87,500,000
  • Public sales IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)- 105,000,000
  • Airdrop- 1,050,000
  • Community- 61,249,999.99
  • Team- 17,500,000
  • Marketing- 35,000,000
  • Partners and Advisors- 7,700,000.00

One person can buy as many tokens as they want. To buy SOLDAIT, one can do it through this link:


SOLDAIT is a smart payment gateway based on blockchain and smart contracts, providing customers with fast, secure, and efficient payment solutions. 

The project’s origin is in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai, but Soldait is not a local or country-based project. Soldait is a blockchain decentralized ecosystem that provides its services to all people worldwide using decentralized services.

Company Name: SOLDAIT

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